Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Subject: Long-Term Care in Palliative Care state.


Health care in good hands

My husband was admitted to the Royal Alexandra Hospital three times in the last two years and each time his care was exceptional. The last time was at the end of January. He was under the care of two young doctors, Dr. Ao and Dr. Sun, the kindest, most caring, and genuinely compassionate young men.
The palliative care he received from a young nurse in the Robbins Pavilion, his last night, was kind, gentle and professional. If these three young people are any example, our future health care system is in very capable hands. Thank you.    
Kay Mason, Edmonton

From: Edward Redshaw <
Date: Tue, Apr 4, 2017 at 11:54 AM
Subject: Long-Term Care in Palliative Care state.
To: Office of the Premier <premier@gov.ab.ca>, "Health.minister@gov.ab.ca" <health.minister@gov.ab.ca>
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Dear Premier and Health Minister:

Your eyes will probably never peruse this correspondence. 
It will probably be regarded by your Front line staff (those still of human state or those of artificial intelligence (robots) as offensive to you. Perhaps some of your MLA's who cannot afford this luxury may actually read this. They, of course would never dare bring this to your attention. Many of them, as do many voters, probably have the same opinion as Paul Lucas ("Legislature policy bans drinking, eating on grounds". Edmonton Journal, April 4, 2017) "Our dealings with the provincial authorities have been autocratic".
This is a sad situation that you have created by erecting a cone of silence around yourselves isolating yourselves from voter communication.
I would like to bring to your attention a Letter I had published in the Edmonton Journal.
Long-term care disgracefully underfunded
I am in total agreement with Kay Mason’s statement regarding the exceptional care at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Exceptional care is the objective of most frontline caregivers in the system. However, our future health care system is not in very capable hands.
The health minister and Alberta Health Services (AHS) apparently are assigning a dollar value to our need for care as we age.
As we age, the system moves us through various levels with the objective of keeping us in our home as long as possible with minimum cost. Our final destination, other than palliative care, is long-term care.
In these facilities, basic costs are paid by the government and AHS. The funding to these facilities is disgraceful. Unavoidable overhead consistently exceeds funding. Short-staffed care workers are overwhelmed, overworked and trying to provide quality care under very difficult conditions.
I have family in one of these facilities who experience the consequences of this deteriorating care. The government and AHS are treating these voiceless and vulnerable souls as a discardable, disposable liability. It’s disgraceful and deserves public outrage.
Edward S. Redshaw, Edmonton


Keep terminally ill close to home

A small community gives an individual a certain way of life, very different from a big city.
That is why terminally ill patients should be able to seek treatment in their hometowns, so they can be surrounded by family and friends during the hardest times in their life. If they are nearing the end of their life, they should be able to die peacefully in the town they have known their whole life.
As if the situation of being terminally ill isn’t bad enough, having to move away from your home as you try to deal with it makes it even worse. How would you feel if you were sick, alone, and in an unfamiliar place?
The Alberta government needs to take a stronger stand in helping our rural towns with hospital care. If they are trying to encourage immigrants to make the move to rural Alberta, then they should be taking steps to ensure the towns they are promoting have the necessary infrastructure. This includes adequate hospitals.

Laura Haughey, Edmonton

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