Saturday, April 15, 2017

still slogging on the income taxes

I did some of my taxes today but I am missing some paper work for younger boy. I will phone for this paperwork on Monday.
My head is full of tax stuff.
It feels lumpy.
Inside the writing room geraniums are bursting into song. It's very dry and I will water them now.
Well they are watered. It is a good thing I did it as parts of the geraniums were all dried out and I hadn't noticed.
It is still messy in the writing room. I did put a load of clothes in the washing machine but that was the sum of my accomplishments as I wrestled with columns of figures.
I will do the income taxes all of next week as I am very slow.
When I was working, I used to simply hand over the stuff to someone else but now I simply do the work myself.
I spend weeks on the income taxes. I am now teaching the boys to do their own income taxes but I think it will take them a while to catch on.
Looking at the amount of cash we give to government and the poor returns on the money makes me feel there has got to be a better way. Maybe we could all be self sufficient and not depend on the useless ones.
I will now forget about the taxes for the rest of tonight and simply listen to music.
The lawsuit stuff is still on the floor and will have to wait until I get through doing the income taxes.
Tomorrow morning I have the snow shovelling to do before it becomes a lumpish mess. I did the front of our house and the snow was very heavy. I will do the ancient ones' sidewalks tomorrow and the other folks I do.
Hopefully it will not be as slippery on the road.
Right now it is time for music.
Amelia Curran's song "Tiny Glass Houses" off her new CD Hunter Hunter. No Copyright infringement intended, All material belongs to Amelia Curran, http://www....

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