Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stephen Tucker with Genavieve Rideout and Tammilee Rideout-Tucker. Yesterday at 1:25pm · IS THIS NOT ABUSE THAT IS HAPPENING I WILL REFUSE HER TO GO BACK TO THAT HELL PLACE OF A CARE HOME

#MediaAttention--the NDP folks knew all about retribution in the continuing care system because they were yapping to the PCs about it. But as soon as they got to power they avoided solving the problem of the Trespass to Premises legislation by ignoring the need for an amendment so that families could have an independent appeal.
Nope. The NDP folks like the PC folks don't want to remove the hammer from the hands of the continuing care provider or hospitals. They want to pretend that they care about families without providing the remedy that is perfectly possible.
But there you go.
We have this situation all over Canada.
It's about power and powerlessness.
Families have no power.
Stephen Tucker shared his post — with Genavieve Rideout and Tammilee Rideout-Tucker.
Stephen Tucker with Genavieve Rideout and Tammilee Rideout-Tucker.

Ev Cromarty Oh my Lord? This is awful!
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Cathy Carlson Reum CONTACT THE Alberta Minister of Health and send her pictures of this abuse===they should be charged with assault contact the Tv stations and have the public know this is more than sad
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Marla Simon Osborne Was this the Grande prairie Care Center just wondering i us to live in GP worked there for a short time not a good place..Trust me
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Amber Meyer Please contact the protection of persons in care act. This is the link to the Web page with their contact info.
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Julie Ali We did the PPIC route and it's a farce. The PPIC office is under the boots of Alberta Health. The main job of the PPIC office is to whitewash abuse. It's only useful if you have already done the documentation and have proof that they cannot deny. In most cases, the office will minimise the abuse.
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Bruce Tucker Breaks my heart to read this Stephen Tucker ! You guys haven't got out of my mind, My god what has the world become. Praying you find a care home and find justice for your mother .
Take care
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Monda Osborne Don't know what medicine you are on miles but you need to get them changed...this is my cousin who is in those pictures and a woman not a're just crying out for some attention....get a life and stop being an asso....problem solved...
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Tammilee Rideout-Tucker I think he's removed ... we are not putting up with those lies ... glad you know know the truth .
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Astra Fitzowich Wow some people
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Shirley Paddock Stephen Tucker is one of the greatest men I know. He would give you his shirt of his back...He is a great man , a wonderful father and a great husband.. He has a heart of GOLD ...My heart goes out to his family...
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Chris Henning Shared this tragic story
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Joy Baines This has made me so sad to see what has happened to flossie she is such caring person love u keep Fighting for her sad sad sad
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