Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stairlift problem at parents' house

Rebecca is home. I got her to the store to look at fluffies but there were none that appealed to her. The good thing was while she looked for flufflies I got the groceries brought for tomorrow's family get together.
She did get some walking in the two stores we looked at for fluffies. Instead of flufflies she got special hair shampoo and makeup (she is big on makeup). She was tired after so I have her home now watching a hockey game and painting. There are tons of paints now that she went to the Dollar Store the other day when her hair got cut.
Right now I am very sleepy. We have a blue sky outside that hammers the eye with its felicity of hue. The temperature was sweet. There are strawberries. I cut the two packages up and divided them up between Rebecca, younger boy and older boy. They seem to be very sweet.
I visited mum briefly today as the chair lift isn't working. I phoned the repair person -Jamie at MedMobility here.
A MEDmobility installed stair lift means the installation and quality of the product will be first rate.
MEDmobility South
Phone: 780-437-3300
5711-Calgary Trail
Edmonton, AB. T6H 2K1
MEDmobility North
Phone: 780-451-5445
12604-118 Ave
Edmonton, AB. T5L 2K8
Toll Free: @ 800-537-0579
I will go to the house on Monday to get the battery replaced as I think this is the problem. Mum will have to be helped down the stairs tomorrow as there is no other way. At least the lift may be fixed for the appointment on Tuesday. Right now mum is trapped on the top floor of their house.
I think I will go have a nap. It's gorgeous and perfect for a walk but I need a nap.
Edmonton Home Medical Equipment Specialists for Patient Care, Mobility and Home Accessibility

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