Monday, April 24, 2017

so that I might learn language

I take the path less travelled
and I wonder at the route left behind
was this all there was of my life?
all the days turn to print
and I watch the words
fall like the snow outside

these are the days of my life
and I surrender to the future that is coming
there are dogs barking in the street
and the geese are stones in the marsh
cattails wave their wands at me
I have this day to remember

and more hopefully
the songs I pour on this plate
that I leave behind      I keep going
as the snow of words collects in drifts 
I obliterate the past     and I begin again
the singing in my head reminds me

this is my work
I'm here to leave these stories
and perhaps somewhere down the road
I will turn myself inside out 
for another purpose
I don't know      but for now

I write the poems
and I read the books I find
so that I might learn language
I make a landscape      with a fleet of 
these dragons flaming entire cities
that are made out of the boxed thoughts of conformity 

I let the dragons out to raze
the certain country of trite and repeat
I make the country on fire
and then begin again 
these dragons shriek and fly over
the landscape of poetry

I turn the paper over
and I string the lines in fables that only I can see 
I wished for a song to light the sky
where the dragons are fleeing
and this poem came to me to create
the landscape of poetry

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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