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Saurabh Jolly Gupta Julie Ali, islamophobia, that favourite word. Why is it that we don't hear words like Christian phobia, hinduphobia, buddhistphobia? Why is there only islamophobia in the world? I have looked everywhere but haven't found an answer. Since you seem to be correcting everyone and telling them a thing or two, please enlighten me too.

“I am a Muslim and I believe that when you pick up a gun in the name of Islam and kill innocent people, you are not a Muslim anymore.”
The gunman “shared the hatred” of the man who attacked the Quebec City mosque in January, who killed civilians and a police officer in London three weeks ago, who killed 132 school children at Pakistan’s Army Public School in Peshawar, she said.
“The same hatred as the man who shot me.”
OTTAWA — The irrepressible Malala Yousafzai, the teenage Nobel Peace Prize winner who famously survived a Taliban bullet in 2012, delivered an...
Julie Ali Malala Yousafzai is an amazing woman. She is very brave and has spoken despite attempted murder. Her message of peace is welcome everywhere --despite grumpy comments to the contrary. Peaceful activists are welcome here.
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Gil Fletcher I think you should take your message to Muslim countries where abuses are rampant
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Jolene Ottosen That would be were she started. Unfortunately now the way the world is turning makes her feel she has to help fight Islamophobia in the west as well as the injustices she stared with in the east.
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Gil Fletcher What injustices are there in Canada with trudope leading us down the garden path
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Susan Hedges Himselfie taking all the credit when this was supposed to have happened 2 years ago. Surprized he took a break from his vacations to come home and present it.
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Gil Fletcher I agree what a looser for pm
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Jolene Ottosen Injustices in the east meaning in her homeland.
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Gil Fletcher Jolene Ottosen
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Jolene Ottosen Don't think that I mean that there are no injustices in Canada, no country can claim that. The difference is that our society has the resources and the education that should ensure they don't, but we choose to allow them to happen anyway.
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Gil Fletcher Give me the injustices you refer to the justices just dismissed murder chgs in pq for a chg of murder he was guilty walked free injustice in Canada no sorry no justice in canada
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Julie Ali I think she needs to comment in Canada just based on your chatter.
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Jolene Ottosen That would be one example of an injustice. The residential schools and the failure to deal with the legacy of that would be another. We are not a perfect society, injustices of all sizes happen all the time. I was just responding to comment that she should take her message to Muslim countries which I thought was an ignorant statement when that is her primary target. I also was trying to express how sad it is that a society as privileged as ours still has messes like serious criminal charges dropped because they took too long, or foster children that die in homes that social services has placed them in, or men who shoot people in mosques simply because they don't agree with their religion. I will not pretend that our problems are anything like those faced in places like Pakistan or Afghanistan but we get nowhere by pretending they don't exist.
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Julie Ali Jolene Ottosen Thank you for clarifying. I get what you are saying but we can handle multiple issues like kids dying in the foster care system in Alberta and girls being killed in other countries. It's all about justice. We all need to work together for justice and peace. Malala is a peace activist.
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Jesse Mullins Why is she getting honorary citizenship? People suffer like this daily. I believe the seat could have better went to a Syrian who is living a tragedy daily. .
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Julie Ali She got it because she was super brave and overcame horror to be an example for others suffering this sort of junk. It's a sort of an award for rising above her horror. I think it is deserved. Maybe she is an example for the rest of us who get citizenship for free.
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Jules Alexander What a pathetic brain washed example of a "Muslim". Shot in the head and she STILL gave money to hate filled organizations like UNRWA. No little Muslima, you could combine all the hate in the world and Islam would still win first prize for hate and bloodshed.
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Julie Ali You are pretty ignorant and have no clue of what this woman went through. If you were in her position I doubt you would rise up to speak for others.
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Deb Willms I don't understand why Muslim mothers don't teach their sons to respect women and girls, irregardless of what the Quran teaches.
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Ayan Soulekha You kinda of like Christian mom's of KKK and neo Nazis. The struggle is real 
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Julie Ali I think you are mistaken in your understanding. Most Muslim women are well respected and treasured. There are ignorant folks in all religions.
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Maureen Sheridan At least she stood up to the taliban, that took bravery, more than most of their so called men folk do, I give her 2 thumbs up.
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Paul J. Chinook Why are we so fervently embracing and promoting Islam? It's one of many religions.
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Julie Ali I don't think speaking about Islam is to promote it. And in any case it's necessary sometimes to speak for folks who are Muslim since I've noted a few comments that tend towards Islamphobia or ignorance or both.
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Saurabh Jolly Gupta Julie Ali, islamophobia, that favourite word. Why is it that we don't hear words like Christian phobia, hinduphobia, buddhistphobia? Why is there only islamophobia in the world? I have looked everywhere but haven't found an answer. Since you seem to be correcting everyone and telling them a thing or two, please enlighten me too.
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Pat Fair Because they are supposedly part of jt's brotherhood!
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Julie Ali Saurabh Jolly Gupta I don't see much hate of Catholic folks do you? Or of Buddhists. I guess because there is more hate of folks who are visible minorities. And why do you suppose because my name ends in Ali -I am "part of jt's brotherhood?
Pat Fair? I am voting Wildrose. Also I am Catholic. Maybe have a look at my blog so you can be accurate in your bias or ill founded comments.
I took my Power in my Hand – / And went against the World – Emily Dickinson (Poem 660)
Sean David I'll take the No True Scotsman Fallacy for $1000, Alex.
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