Saturday, April 8, 2017

Rebecca Home Visit---Saturday March 8, 2017

Rebecca is home. It took me a little longer to bring her home as we went around the Villa trying to find an elevator. The main one is still broken.
I then got Rebecca to the movie with Tom Cruise in it. She likes him. I did the socks while she watched the movie and she is now immersed in the painting that she was working on before she had the non-responsive episode. Her GI tract infection is hopefully gone. I can't take her to the ancient ones as dad is sick and she will catch his bug.
Right now she is splashing yellow on the blue and purple page. I got her these long pages so it takes longer to fill in her decisions. I have tons of brushes that she can use; I had to get new ones as I can't find my old ones.
The writing room is full of junk still and unclean but at least the mudroom has been emptied of most of the laundry. There is a wash still happening but I have left the rest.
Because the Tom Cruise movie was horrific I let Rebecca watch it by herself. Who knew that such movies were full of violence of the excessive sort? But oddly enough folks love this sort of show and I believe Rebecca watches these movies only because of Tom Cruise for what reason I can't figure out. Tom Cruise does not look like hero material to me and I would have preferred a Disney movie but no go.
So Rebecca is home. I have still more laundry. The writing room needs to be put in order. Medical files need to be sorted. But I have to do Elder Advocates Working Group work as well so the rest of the stuff will wait.
The best part of life is finishing the mud room full of laundry which was a curse upon me from the very beginning of my tenure as a stay at home mum. Because I was cheap with the washer and dryer I have been stuck with poor washing ability and less than good drying ability.
Now it is time for a pause before I remember to take Rebecca back. We have to go back a bit earlier as it takes both of us ages to find the other elevators and then get to her room. Most of the time when I am with the extended family we move at the pace of leaves going from buds to full foliage.
I will nap on the writing room chair and make a nest of my brain so that a poem is laid there now. Like in this picture by this adorable artist.

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