Sunday, April 30, 2017

reading --Sunday April 30, 2017

The rain has damped the streets and made the dust into a memory. The wash of green is very pretty. I have taken Rebecca back to the Villa Marguerite-still sleepy and unsteady. I mentioned to the nurse that maybe she should go on the BIPAP early today.
The lunch room was full of folks and it reminded me of high school. When I got home I ate the leftovers in the fridge. Both the younger boy and older boy are eating strawberries.
Since my work is done for the day it's off to read books. Sky is blue and summer is on the way.
Winter takes off her mask and spring beaks into view. Soon there will be silver dew on the sunflowers, a haze of mist over the weeds in the garden, poppies romping in the onion starts and a garden of delights to feast upon.
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