Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ratings for Dr. Dalton Sholter

Dr. Dalton Sholter

27 reviews

Ratings for Dr. Dalton Sholter

I like Dr. Sholter. He is good with my elderly mum. I usually have a ton of stuff for him to do for her and he goes through the list with intelligence. He is a busy man so you have to be efficient. His receptionist is a nice lady. She has a ton of work to do and you have to all remember she is also a human being. She has been good with me and I don't know why the negative comments are on this site about her. You all should try to do her job for JUST ONE DAY. It is a lot of work doing Dr. Sholter's referrals, appointments and he is pretty booked up. Just be nice to her as she deserves all the praise that is not being given to her here. Both of them are productive folks. I would say that Dr. Sholter has been more useful than other doctors I have taken mum to visit for various ailments.

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