Sunday, April 9, 2017

Planning a business for younger boy

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The amazing talent on the Internet makes me wonder why we don't see this stuff in stores.
Maybe all artists are going to have to become independent entrepreneurs and set up business by themselves. They can then use social media to flog their wares.
I will think on how to set up an internet presence for younger boy. It's hard to see how he can make a creative living unless he gets to do independent consulting and at 18 years old, he has no job experience in Digital media and IT. I don't know much about this area but there are a ton of great artists who are making it to some degree in that they are able to produce stuff for the world.
Only problem is that the stuff is not getting to support all these artists.
I mean you still need to pay the bills of life.
It's maybe necessary to do a job that isn't interesting for part of the time to do the fun stuff for less bucks.
I don't know. Becoming a business owner needs stamina and money saved up for the dry spells. It's easier if you don't have any debts but eventually you still have to pay for the bills of life like rent and food. It seems that younger boy should start now, fail early so he learns the tricks of running a business and then he has a longer period of time to get up to snuff.
Artists are stuck with working for themselves for very poor returns on their major efforts. Mothers need to plan for lives of economic insecurity and job instability. I have to think about this.…/armen-g…


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