Saturday, April 8, 2017

pigeon of the poem

Julie Ali feeling happy.
2 mins
I got up early because the house is in a mess. Also a poem was buzzing in my head like a small pigeon and yet when I arrived here to write it the pigeon escaped the coop.
I think it was something like this:
pigeon of the poem
I will write a poem
to indicate that the day
has not yet solidified
nor has it gone astray
the mutton of the sky
is waiting matted and is grey
the solitude of poets
has not yet begun to fray
everyone is sleeping
the geraniums are brisk
but efficiency on that assembly line
is without any risk
in this poem that was flying
overhead while asleep
is now in the far off country
where the Muse must surely weep
how the missives that he sends
in the beak of pigeons that arrive
descend to blank pages
and do not the passage survive
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