Saturday, April 29, 2017

out and about with older boy to the Cactus Club Cafe

Because older boy wanted to go out we went out for a meal. It was at a place at WEM. It was called the Cactus Club Cafe.
It was fancy and full of young people yapping. We had to wait for a place. Then we were seated. I got the teriyaki chicken and it was good. The boys got tacos and hubby got a chicken dish.
When we had come home I was still hungry so I am now eating ice cream.
Everyone is napping. Older boy is going out for the evening and so is resting up for the rigours ahead.
Tomorrow I bring Rebecca home for art practice. She is working on a new piece. I asked her about it and she said she is still not done on it. I decided not to risk mum by bringing her here. I will take the food and family to her.
The chair lift will be fixed on Monday. It's probably the battery. Mum is stuck in her room with the lift inoperative.
On Tuesday we have an appointment with Dr. Sholter at 3:15 pm so hopefully the lift will be fixed. Rebecca will have to climb the steps to the top floor to see mum. The rest of us will eat downstairs the finger food stuff I will take along. It's not ideal but there you go.
Such are the problems of old age.
Meanwhile tomorrow after visiting with friends on Saturday night, older boy will get up early and go for breakfast with yet more friends before returning to his goodbye snacks at the grandparents' place.
It has been a very productive visit for older boy.
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