Saturday, April 1, 2017

out and about April 1, 2017

Julie Ali feeling blessed.
Just now
I ran some errands and it felt so odd. I mean immersed in lawsuit work I have not done stay at home mummy jobs for ages.
Now I went to the bank. I went to the store to buy Rebecca Triscuits (she is addicted to them) and bananas. I got a few plums for her as well.
I will stop and see her today. After lunch. I am afraid to bring her home as we can't revive her if she is unresponsive.
I will see how she is doing.
I have brought rice in a big bag and milk which disappears at the house. Then I bought strawberry yogurt. Yum. I left the baked goods alone.
I will go see Rebecca soon. Younger boy is in bed. Older boy is busy doing his exam preparation stuff for his apprenticeship so I can't disturb him. The world is very grey outside like a beard of mist on the face of the land. But it was not cold when I went out and about. I could wear my old brown spring coat that is too small for me rather than the big winter brown coat that is also getting too small for me. Sitting in a chair for years getting plump is not a good thing. Soon I will start up the forest walks so get more limber.
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