Wednesday, April 26, 2017

older boy is home

Older boy just got home. It's pretty nice to see him. We only have a bit of time so I will be doing the family meet and greet soon. I will have Rebecca home so she can see him on Saturday.
Everyone has gone to bed. I had a bit of dad's lentil soup and I feel like I could stay up a bit more.
Late at night when the butter of the moon and stars is spread on the black loaf of night it feels as if anything is possible. For less than a week we are family again, without the dislocation of one of us far away. The running away of older boy to do the dumb apprenticeship was not something I had expected. I guess you never really expect your son to leave home in your heart of hearts. It's like having a limb torn off and moving away on its fingers.
In any case, the boy is home. He thinks he is all grown up. There was no food to give him as dad has not made the shrimp curry that he lives on when he is home. So I got him a burger. It's bad but there you go.
Night is crossing its leg of a moon outside and dozing off. I feel the same way.
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