Sunday, April 2, 2017

Off the blog as I do the Questioning slog

Julie Ali feeling loved.
Just now
All day have been like a pony galloping here and there searching for a place to sit and graze.
Now it is almost time for bed.
I am working on the questioning stuff finally. It was a day spent outside and really the world outside the house seems very blowsy and frowsy now. The snow is gone. A cloud of dust was blowing as I was coming home from Rebecca. The sky was a vivid blue. The pallor of the day -the end of the day seemed too much but once I had three pieces of pizza I had an energy burst.
Some days are just meant for pizza.
Younger boy had his pizza and is now slaving away at this NAIT assignments. Who knew that Digital Media and IT would be this much slog? I had no idea.
Once he is done this he will go off to Calgary and live on his own. We will be in Edmonton if he needs help but he has to be able to take care of his bills and stuff so it is tough love.
Once he is used to living on his own in Calgary he will be off to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Film School. Hopefully he will managed to navigate Vancouver after Calgary.
But now, I am off to review stuff for Questioning. Next week will be busy so I may not FB or yap. It's time that the pony did the last rounds of this meadow.…/File:Blue-spring-flowers_-_…

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