Monday, April 24, 2017

obscene payouts for the elite

According to a proxy adviser, Ginni Rometty's 2016 package may actually exceed US$50 million, based on its own estimate for the value of her options. #business
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Hamed Rahimi An average person making $70,000 / year will need 714 years to make $50 million that she is making in (1) year.
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Rand Ridley The average person making $70,000 a year could not do her job even if they were paid $50 million.
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Hamed Rahimi Sure, but does she provide 714 times more value to the company than the average employee making 70G a year?
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Julie Ali Hamed Rahimi These salaries are obscene and reflect entitlement of the elite. We all pay for their compensation packages.
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Richard Lane And the feminists would have us believe that women are underpaid.
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Julie Ali I think they are but this one might be an exception. She's in hogland with the men at her level.
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Zane Grey This is why big business and governments like globalization it makes the top 10% obscenely rich at the expense of the worker
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Julie Ali Yup.
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