Thursday, April 6, 2017

no one will stop the work

you've just got to keep going
and trudge through the snow
to the spring
around the corner

and when you arrive at the end
be proud    for you've survived
the solitude of writing
the story of someone who is invisible

I patch the hole in the heart
with the yarn that I spin
I make a story so that I can keep going
no one will stop the work

because I love what I am doing
of course some of us will fall 
by the side of the road
and some of us will simply struggle

but there are a few
who will work year after year
for no rewards
we say their names with awe and pride

these are our people
and I speak their names to  you
I say their work so that
you too can rejoice   Ruth Adria
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]

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How is one reborn after a fall? by Muriel Barbery

14. From Passageway to Pathway
What is this war we are waging, when defeat is so certain? Day after day, already wearied by the constant onslaught, we face our terror of the everyday, the endless passageway that, in the end--because we have spent so much time walking to and fro between its walls---will become a destiny. Yes, my angel, that is our everyday existence:dreary, empty, and mired deep in troubles. The pathways of hell are hardy foreign; we shall end up there one day if we tarry too long. From passageway to pathway; it is an easy fall, without shock or surprises. Every day we are reacquainted with the sadness of the passageway and step by step we clear the path towards our mournful doom.
Did he see the pathways? How is one reborn after a fall? What new pupils restore sight to scorched eyes? Where does war begin, where does combat end?
Thus, a camellia.
From "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery

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