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Natives get what they deserve by Allison Weiss--------------Julie Ali 24 mins · I just saw the comment by this FB account and it is so horrible but I don't know how to report it to FB. So mind boggling. How can anyone be like this? The baby is dead and is now being further abused by folks like this.

I just heard this account got hacked so I don't know if this is the right person who made these comments. It is being investigated. 

Julie Ali
Just now
Natives get what they deserve by Allison Weiss-- And what do folks who spread hate get? Nothing.

After a tragic death of a sweet innocent toddler. RIP Geegeesh

😠Disgusting, Racist & Heartless choice of words that were written in comments😠

Cecil Wynne Wtf who this person think he is
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Jim Faries Brainless fucktard
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This FB account is getting a lot of comments in response to the hard things she said about the dead baby in Edmonton:
Scott Halverson
Scott Halverson Most disrespectful piece of shit I've ever seen make a post on here... you are a disgrace to humankind and should crawl back in that hole that didn't want you anymore
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Windyboy Wapass
Windyboy Wapass I hope you rot from where you came from " hell"
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Teresa-Jefferson Abbott-Wolfe
Teresa-Jefferson Abbott-Wolfe Lizzy Ann Kelley aka Cookie are you the real Allison Weiss?
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I just saw the comment by this FB account and it is so horrible but I don't know how to report it to FB.
So mind boggling. How can anyone be like this?
The baby is dead and is now being further abused by folks like this.
April 24, 2017 11:04 am Updated: April 25, 2017 11:08 am
Father charged with murder in Edmonton toddler death
By Karen Bartko and Caley Ramsay Global News
WATCH ABOVE: We're learning more today about the tragic death of an Edmonton toddler. Anthony Raine's body was left outside a north side church for days before being discovered on Friday. As Sarah Kraus reports, the toddler's father is one of two people charged in his death. WARNING: Disturbing content.
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WARNING: The details in this story may be disturbing to some readers.
The father of a 19-month-old toddler found dead Friday has been charged with second-degree murder.
READ MORE: Vigil for toddler Anthony Raine at Edmonton church Tuesday night
Police arrested the 26-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman Saturday, after releasing suspect photos as well as images of the clothes the boy was found in. Police said the couple was found on an ETS bus.
On Monday afternoon, police said the cause of the boy’s death was trauma to the head.
“He suffered a lot of trauma,” said Staff Sgt. Duane Hunter with the EPS Homicide Section.
WATCH: Edmonton police say the boy died of trauma to the head. Hear from Staff Sgt. Duane Hunter of the EPS Homicide Section
Hunter said the boy had “bruises all over his body” and police have yet to determine a motive for the “heinous crime.”
“The marks on the baby’s body will be considered evidence,” he said.
“He was living a terrible life full of violence and one that is incredibly sad and you don’t even want to speak about.”
Anthony Joseph Raine
Anthony Joseph Raine
Global News
The body of Anthony Joseph Raine was discovered Friday afternoon next to Good Shepherd Anglican Church in north Edmonton. Investigators later determined the boy’s remains were left there three days earlier, on Tuesday, April 18.
“We believe from the evidence we had at the scene, he had passed before he was placed at the church,” Hunter said.
READ MORE: Police investigate suspicious death of toddler in north Edmonton: ‘Someone out there is missing this little boy’
The boy’s aunt, Brandi Raine, said Anthony, who was born in September 2015, had been staying with his father while his mom was going to school.
READ MORE: Toddler found dead at north Edmonton church identified
The boy’s mother was informed of her son’s death when police officers knocked on her door in Maskwacis late Saturday night, Raine said. The boy’s family has created a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of a funeral.
After the arrests, police thanked both the public and the Edmonton Transit System for their help.
Hunter said the investigation has been tough on everyone involved.
“We have a lot of support networks in place, so we are well looked after and we take care of one another,” he said. “I’m a dad with three kids. It weighs heavy on everyone.”
READ MORE: Edmonton police arrest persons of interest in toddler death
Joey Stanley Crier, 26, and Tasha-Lee Mack, 25, are charged with one count each of second-degree murder, criminal negligence causing death, assault and failing to provide necessaries of life. Crier is also charged with assault causing bodily harm.
Police said both were the toddler’s guardians. Hunter said Crier was the boy’s father and Mack is Crier’s girlfriend.
Crier’s sister Andrea said she was devastated when she heard her nephew was dead.
“I felt sick to my stomach. There’s no words that can explain what I was feeling. Just discovering that, you know; it’s really heartbreaking. … I hope he didn’t lay there and suffer, you know. That poor little boy.”
She said Crier and Mack were staying at her house with baby Anthony until Sunday.
“Joey was upset when they left, and I tried talking to him, but he didn’t want to talk to me. They left with my stroller. That stroller that [Anthony] was in; that was my son’s stroller.”
There is no indication that Children’s Services had ever been involved with this family, Hunter said.
Watch below: While police have charged two people in the death of an Edmonton toddler, they still don’t have a motive. But they say it’s clear Anthony Raine suffered ongoing abuse. Shallima Maharaj spoke with the boy’s aunt about the accusations her brother is facing. WARNING: Disturbing content.
Joey Stanley Crier.
Joey Stanley Crier.
Credit: Facebook.
Crier and Mack appeared in court Monday morning via CCTV and the case was put over until May 8.
On Monday evening, the Raine family issued a statement about Anthony’s death:
There needs to be some clarity provided for the tragic situation.
First off, the family never wanted this tragedy to become the media circus it has. There was an informal arrangement between both parents. While Anthony was in the care of his father, it was assumed that adequate care was being provided and there was no need for concern. While he was on visitations with his maternal family he was provided with great love and care.
Secondly, all donations provided through the GoFundMe (page) will be allocated to all funeral costs such as the headstone, food and other costs. Any remaining money will be donated to Little Warriors to aid other families and children undergoing traumatic experiences as well.
It would be greatly appreciated if privacy and respect were given to the grieving family at this time. Anthony will be greatly missed and his little soul needs to be able to rest in peace.
A vigil will be held Tuesday night at Good Shepherd Anglican Church (15495 Castle Downs Road) where Anthony’s body was found. The Anglican Diocese of Edmonton said all members of the community are welcome to drop in between 7 p.m. And 9 p.m., to light a votive candle or to sit for a time of prayer or silence and remember the toddler.

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