Sunday, April 30, 2017

--- #MediaAttention------ #SocialMediaChangesEverything-----------yes the government of Alberta acts against us and calls us the enemy--------Stephen Tucker with Tammilee Rideout-Tucker and Juanita James. April 27 at 6:36am ·---------A VERY SAD DAY YESTERDAY!! Thanks to our justice system and to a care home in grande prairie Alberta . My dad was forced to go to court yesterday only to have him and my mom seperated once again due to my dad being my moms voice . The home banned my dad to be allowed on the property for a full year as we know it now. All my dad did was protect mom day in and day out of the non care she was missing at the home of missed food feedings catheter plugs for nine hrs and the list goes on and on with plenty of pictures and documents to back it up . All I want from this post is for it to go viral to stop the abuse in homes and to stop the banning of partners because they are there only voice in a lot of situations when the victim cannnot speak or move for herself. Please share this post and any help we can get to reunite my mom and dad would be apprieated . They don't deserve this as our justice system is so messed up .so the latest news at the hospital is that they will not hold her at the hospital and will be forced to take her to the care home that abuses her or to the apartment dad lives in !!how wrong is this-

and I laid down the truth
in documents
layer upon layer
so that I could say

and when I spoke
I said what happened to my handicapped sister
how doctors at the Grey Nuns Hospitals
put a do not resuscitate order on her

year after year
because she was a disposable citizen
I spoke about the failures by Alberta Health
and AHS      how oversight was by the family

I spoke about the audits that were done
the quality reviews we never got
and the cover up that continues
to this very day

yes I spoke of these matters
and I laid out the documents
and the events that I witnessed
so that other families would know

that we are alone
we are so alone
that the government of Alberta
uses a Trespass to Premises law

to forbid us visitation rights
to our own families
yes the government of Alberta
acts against us and calls us the enemy

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Stephen Tucker with Tammilee Rideout-Tucker and Juanita James.

Mable Osborne is there any update on jim and family so upset
LikeReply1April 27 at 8:53pm
Tammilee Rideout-Tucker She's is staying in the hospital tonight ....we gonna be working on permanent care In the am ...

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