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Lyn Wood Possibly someone playing the victim card. Like · Reply · 5 hrs Julie Ali Julie Ali Again another less than bright citizen.

Police are investigating six incidents of hateful graffiti in the city this year.
Calgary police believe the owners of an SUV found covered in hateful and anti-Muslim graffiti in Rundle Thursday were targeted based on their...
Julie Ali Poor behaviour that should be treated as a hate crime. Lots of angry folks out there it appears.
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Nolan Moore I don't get it when people do this. Ok u don't like them, but what does it accomplish? Just higher insurance premiums for all more taxes for policing and courts. It's a no win situation. Just keep it to yourself and stare at a wall
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Lance Farrer Sorry to be negative, but it takes a twisted, hateful individual to do something like this. Whoever owns this vehicle is only trying to adapt to our society. I hope that he/she knows that we are not all like the person(s) who did this.
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Bill Ferguson These sorts of people are the ones that create the dire need for the study proposed in M-103.
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Susan Gibson M103 will effect everyone's freedom of speech! It is not needed as our Charter of Rights protect all religions. This motion if passed to a bill and then a law will introduce Sharia law and we don't want it in Canada. Stop M-103 before it's too late!
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Bill Ferguson Nice slogans and parroted hollow talking points Susan. How could it possibly limit your "Freedom of Speech"? (Also I'm hearing you're completely unaware the Motion already passed)
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Shar McDonald Lloyd The motion passed only to be considered more. I think that it's too singular.
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Julie Ali Susan Gibson You are being silly. Hate is hate. I support M-103. It seems based on this junk it is required.
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Joel Chury There's no possible way that this could be a self-inflicted hoax, right? Right?

Those never happen.
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Lyn Wood The victim card well played.
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Julie Ali Are you always this dumb?
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Julie Ali Lyn Wood Are you also as dumb as Joel to believe folks do the victim junk and destroy their own cars?
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Anders Neon The proud handiwork of the un-cowardly Guardians of Alberta neo-nazis.
Great accomplishment showing the rest of us what you're made of.
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Andrew James Hartley Its time to organize against the fascists.
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Chris Cameron That makes you guys no better, most of the population would like to take you idiots and the All-right over our knee, get a life loosers.
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Jon Hartley Chris Cameron "That makes you guys no better"

You're aware of how many monuments there are in this country for Nazi killers right?
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Anders Neon So what is your point Chris Cameron? To do nothing and turn a blind eye? Just let it happen to innocent folks who only want to be happy and provide for their family?

If this happened to you and your family you'd be singing a different tune. Or mayb
e you're just a casual racist yourself? What is your argument?

Sorry man, but I will take every opportunity to stand with and be an advocate of the marginalized. I don't care what religion, skin colour or ethnicity they are - I will stand with them because it is the decent human thing to do.
Andrew James Hartley Chris Cameron. Segregation of the black communities didn't end by doing nothing, Gay rights were not fought for by sitting idle, social change sometimes takes work. To deny that Islamophobia is a problem right now in our country would be ignorant. privilege lets you not see the problem for what it is. I stand with Anders in fighting this problem.
Chris Cameron Oh my god you guys, lmfao 😂, Nazis everywhere, if you don't think like me you're a Nazi, you guys are foolish, there are a lot of great causes out there, but you want to beat people up for the way they think, it makes you no better, the adults of this world don't like ANTIFA punks anymore than they like the Alt Right, refer to my first comment and to answer your question John Hartley, yes i do, I'm from a family of Nazi Killers, to answer your question Anders Neon, no you don't turn a blind eye, you don't beat people up in the streets either and your not standing with anyone by doing so, that's no help at all, my original comment was actually for Andrew James Hartley, not Anders, maybe I should have specified, "it's time to organize against the fascists" it sounded really funny to me because like I said the far right and far left want to square off and fight each other, but the majority of the people the Centrist is laughing at both of you, we are fighting evil, we're just not doing it with purple hair, catchy slogans, buzzwords and signs we made out of bristol board in our parents basements.
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Andrew James Hartley Chris Cameron, to pretend that there is not a problem may work for you because your privilege allows you to step away from it....hell, it wasn't your vehicle right? You may not be aware, but there is a growing number of hate groups in our city ranging from stuffy anti-immigration folk to the dangerous neo-nazis who have killed innocent people on our streets. I personally hold a zero tolerance for racism, and I WILL continue to do my best to combat it in every and anyway I can.
Chris Cameron My privilege??? Pipe down millenial fake wannabe hippy SJW, ROFL 😂
Anders Neon Chris - do try to take the high road.
Calling people names is part of the problem.

I sincerely hope nothing like this happens to your family.
Even though we disagree on the action, I would still stand against those who would do violence to you out of prejudice.
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Andrew James Hartley Chris Cameron take care dude.
Darcy Lukinuk Nazi's were Liberals 😂
Raji Alrazi Nazis were friends with Muslims.
Julie Ali Andrew James Hartley Thank you for standing up for regular Canadians who are Muslim. Islamophobia is unacceptable and most Albertans do not behave in this way. I would however suggest you be careful. There are some pretty irrational folks who seem to have anger management problems.
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Julie Ali Anders Neon Thank you. I think it is nice that folks are willing to speak out against Islamophobia. It is the right thing to do. Why do this sort of junk? These folks are Canadians and have a right to safety and happiness just like any of us are.
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Julie Ali Andrew James Hartley Peacefully.
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Maureen Sheridan Really doesn't bring home their message, just people from the shallow end of the gene pool. ignore, it's not valid.
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Pat Martin Twible And what did all the graffiti accomplish besides boosting the ego of an ignoramus?!
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Julie Ali It made plain that some of us are out of control and have Islamophobia tendencies.
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Jason Clancy NIce car too , prollly done by jealous poor people ..
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Christian Wendover All religion have the right to live in peace. This is horrible
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Odin Wachtendorf Could it be a false flag?
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Dana Smith Not cool. Doesn't help anything.
Lyn Wood Possibly someone playing the victim card.
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Julie Ali Again another less than bright citizen.
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Sharon Atwood Wrong on so many levels!!!!
Ian Pfau Looks anti-islamic to me. Or maybe I can't read.
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Sarah McKay Anti-Islamic and Anti-Muslim are synonymous and equally wrong.
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Ian Pfau Not even close
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Ian Pfau Nothing is as wrong as islam
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Julie Ali Ian Pfau I guess you don't know many nice Muslim folks. I do. They are mostly kind respectful citizens. You should try to be like them.
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