Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Julie Ali Waste of public dollars.

The maximum rebate for windows is $1,500 and depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the window and the type of frame. The maximum rebate on tankless hot water heaters is $1,000 and depends on the type of tank. The most common hot water heater, a conventional one with a standing pilot, will qualify for an estimated rebate of $945.
Energy efficiency upgrades to your home just got a little bit cheaper in Alberta. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced a $24 million...
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Julie Ali Waste of public dollars.
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Linda Sülzle Please tell me how many people can upgrade their windows to triple glazed at about $30,000 per house to get $1500 back. Not going to happen. How many are unemployed in Alberta now, how many have $$$ to do this? Will the claw back if you die? What a bunch of lightbulb garbage they feed again.
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Crystal Anderson I just looked at my partner after reading this and said the exact same thing! Ain't gonna happen!
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Marjo Gie $30,000 is a little high, I had all my window replaced to triple pane and it cost $14,000. Still a large cost and. $1500 isn't near enough to make it worth its while. What pisses me off is they want control as to who the installers are. As long as the contractor is certified who are they to say who does the installation.
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