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Julie Ali I agree with you Samantha Shaw. Mr. Kenney is of the Harper clan and not too good at detecting that the world around him has changed from the dinosaur era. It's a new world of respect and inclusion and Mr. Kenney has not caught up with us. I guess he will find out when we don't vote for him.

In a letter to the board, O’Neill said it was one of the”great honours” of her life to have held the position, and “work with so many dedicated and selfless volunteers during the party’s greatest hour of need.”
The president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, Katherine O'Neill, has resigned. In a letter to the board, O'Neill said it was one of the"great honours"…
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Julie Ali Smart woman. She knows that Albertans are not going to vote for Mr. Kenney. Why would we vote for another parachuted in candidate to tell us to look in the mirror?

I think Mr. Jean could win if the Wildrose folks don't merge with the PCs.

If the Wildrose join up with the less than satisfactory PCs I think most folks will simply hand the NDP a minority government. 

Best for the Wildrose not to join up with the PCs and truck slowly to the finish line.
Edith Wenzel You are neither a PC or Wildrose so know where you are headed with this comment. But you just don't have that much influence - check with Brian at Progress Ab
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Dar Dealmeida Or they could stay in the truck for an hour at each stop and watch Jason Kenney apply his face makeup
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Mohamed Mahdi I don't think the wildrose would have a high chance of winning the next election if they decided to not unite with the PC's. The polls may be showing them potentially winning the next election right now but in the last two provincial elections they ran pretty terrible campaigns which resulted them in losing both elections. The wildrose share of the vote also dropped in the last election to which is not that good either. I think a PC party that went the renewal route and stayed true to their centrist routes would have had the best chance of beating the AB NDP in 2019 if they chose the right leader.
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Julie Ali Edith Wenzel actually if you go to my blog you will see I am supporting the Wildrose. But not with the Kenney in charge. He's a Harper clone and I don't want a rehash of Harper style division in Alberta. It's clear to me at least that the Kenney is being brought into Alberta to do the "straighten us out" business of the sort that was attempted by the pathetic PCs in the last election. Won't work. The PC voters like myself have woken up to the junk performance of the PCs if you can even call it performance. I'd say they pissed away a ton of public dollars for no deliverables just as the NDPCs are doing now. Best to try with a new party such as the Wildrose under Mr. Jean who seems pretty nice. If the Wildrose don't want to get elected they will run a dumb campaign full of Lake of Fire junk and then we will have to have four more years of the NDP spend and waste business. But there you go. I see no reason to accept the parachuted saviour in the Kenney.
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Samantha Shaw Kenney successfully burned the party to the ground pushing all females and progressives out... his tent is filled with gross social conservative, LGTBQ hating, Rebel Media loving, alt right sewer rats... no thx.
Jeffery Nichols Tough but fair.
Shiv Devi I think Allison Redford could win against either Kenney or Jean. I'm lost as to why the ultra right still thinks they can mount a real campaign. Is it because the yankees run a media for them? Is it because polling tells them there are enough idiots? Time will tell.
Edith Wenzel Oh give it up Samantha the 'woman card, cry is getting so old. You are just an NDer troll anyway so stop pretending to be otherwise. You know nothing about Kenney so you make up what you don't know and put words out there that he didn't say. Who paid you for this comment this time? Oh and your crowd takes credit for the Sewer Rat comment. Don't mis up the he said she said scenarios. Or were you just echoing Hoffman?
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Dar Dealmeida Edith Wenzel 
I know a lot about Jason Kenney and it's not pretty, first of all as a federal MP he was as corrupt as they come with ridiculous spending and because the Harper government did not have as much transparency he got away with over 7
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Samantha Shaw Edith Wenzel paid me? � Any person with google can just look up Kenney political history, I know it can challenging for someone like you. Kenney hasn't even been around and his stance on LGTBQ clubs is disgusting. Facts can be overwhelming, maybe ask Ezra Levant and Rebel Media to explain it to you ��
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Michael DesAulniers Edith Wenzel good thing you are in Texas, so your pointy little head just blends in with the Lone Star.
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Julie Ali Edith Wenzel I am a previous PC voter and I will not vote for the Wildrose under the Kenney. The dinosaur error of the PCs is over. I want a moderate fiscally sensible Wildrose leader and Mr. Jean is it. If he isn't in charge I will not vote for the Kenney.
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Julie Ali I agree with you Samantha Shaw. Mr. Kenney is of the Harper clan and not too good at detecting that the world around him has changed from the dinosaur era. It's a new world of respect and inclusion and Mr. Kenney has not caught up with us. I guess he will find out when we don't vote for him.
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George Clark I have yet to meet anyone in either the PC party or even Wildrose party that fits the description put forth by Samantha. Katherine O'Neill did the job well that the PC party elected her to do last year. And like all smart Progressive Conservatives she supports the will of the membership. Which simply wants to reunite the Right with power stripped from the special interest groups that have had control for far too long. There is no movement from the grassroots to become morality police. As a matter of fact it is heading in the opposite direction in almost all of the worn out red flag social issues. Albertans realize that the only thing they need to fear is the mounting debt burden imposed by Socialist NDP government ideology against our will.
Ray Morgan Remember the time you said you had a plan to overthrow the government? And then you actually didn't have a plan but took all the 'donations' anyways? Yeah. I remember that time.
Stephanie McIntosh Have you read your Facebook page lately? Start there...
Harvey Bishop George Clark The debt that the Alberta PCs, after Peter Lougheed left office, caused to happen.
Samantha Shaw Brought to by kudatah 🤣😂 you are joke George stop embarrassing Alberta 🙄
Jeffery Nichols Today there were MLAs arguing that schools should be forced to tell parents if their kids are gay, even if those parents would abuse the kids because of it. That's the kind of world the PCs now want. 
Rick Taylor Kudatah baby - yawn.
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Edith Wenzel George Samantha is a troll - but very nice professional response by you.
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Dar Dealmeida Edith Wenzel 
Actually you are a troll and you never have one intellligent comment, oh that's right you have to lack substance and intelligence to be with the party you represent.
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Michael DesAulniers "Smart Progressive Conservatives " is an oxymoron. If one is smart, one would never be a PC, and if one is a PC, one would never be smart.
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Mohamed Mahdi Kenney represents those same special interests Albertans kicked out in 2015. I don't think you or other unite the right supporters recognize that Kenney is the best opponent for Notley and the AB NDP to face. You beat the NDP by campaigning in the cent...See More
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Julie Ali Harvey Bishop The PCs wasted a ton of cash. And let us not forget the Sky Palace junk when they were shutting down the Michener Centre. The entitlement finally turned us into NDP supporters. But since the NDP aren't any better than the PCs I'd say it's time to choose Wildrose.But if there is a Kenney Krowning I won't vote for them. Brian Jean is a good person and I trust that he will be a reasonable premier. Based on the poor choices we have had in the past he is better than most of the pretty useless folks we have had as premiers.
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