Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#Islamophobia again

A Court of Queen’s Bench judge in Saskatchewan has ruled that non-Catholic students may not attend Catholic schools in the province, as of June 30, 2018.

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Jody Good Good! That's the way it should be. Then the non Catholics will maybe not feel a need to change the school to do things 'their' way and either ban prayer or have Islamic prayers instead. 😕
Julie Ali Why bring Islamic prayers into this decision? I don't think it's got anything to do with this decision do you?
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Jody Good Actually, I believe 100% that it does... they are notorious for expecting things be changed to accommodate their beliefs and convenience. Their reputation precedes them and people are catching on to their ways.
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Julie Ali Jody Good You are being silly. I have met some Muslim folks and they are not like that. In fact, I tend to believe that this sort of Islamophobia chatter happens when you don't know other religions. As a Catholic myself, I believe we should try to love all folks rather than discriminate as you are doing.
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Jody Good Yeah, okay, you go ahead! See how long they allow your kids to celebrate Christmas and Easter, etc.
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Julie Ali Jody Good I guess my sons are fine. They are both quite OK with Muslims as friends. Maybe you should try to do the friendship thing instead of the ignorance thing.
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Jody Good Maybe you should do the EDUCATION thing instead of the STUPIDITY and SUPERIORITY thing. Take a look at Europe and tell me how great things are over their. I can post a thousand youtube videos to show you but I'm not going to waste my time on you. Wish your kids luck from me, they're going to need it when they're fighting for their lives.
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Julie Ali Jody Good You are soo funny.
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Jody Good And you are not funny. You are a fool. You really should get out more. Have a nice evening.
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Julie Ali Jody Good Thank you for your comments. I do get out a lot. I appreciate your opinions are different than mine. But really this doesn't change the fact that they are ignorant.
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