Thursday, April 27, 2017

I guess I am covered

although the winter went riding
on the horse by  the sullen house
and the cheese in the trap
was gnawed at by the wary mouse

I could not leave the platter
of words left out to dry
but climbed the shelf and ledge
of poetry to determinedly try

yet another dive into poetical language
to stagger out (again) wet
the defeat is always in the music
and the concrete is always set

maybe reading poets will make the difference
maybe the secrets are tightly wrapped
inside the buckets of books
where the fishes and scales are trapped

I stand on one foot to ponder
and then move to the next
the poets are not fussy 
and will accept any lousy text

between Emily Dickinson
and Robert Penn Warren      I guess I am covered
what is hidden will be made distinct
and what is mysterious might be discovered

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