Friday, April 21, 2017

I believe we are here to say our stories

and when you are seeking
for what can no longer be found

don't despair
understand that the world is large

and perhaps
what you are looking for

is in a mysterious place
and has been lost for such a long time

that it
can't find it's way home to you

be persistent
and keep working  for you are not alone in your work

the world aches for each of us
to create and make a lasting document

of our existence
we simply don't have to play by the old rules

of fame and glory
instead we can create

our small documents of poetry
and fill the world      with the singing of our lives

the world is in need
of authentic voices

and the stories of our lives
will fill the holes in reality that are everywhere 

we are the real news of this world
and our voices need to be heard

and so when you feel powerless
and lonely   write a few words to the world

as Emily Dickinson did
and tell the world

how unique you are 
(because you are)

and don't let anyone silence you
for your voice may be what this world needs

oh so desperately
your voice might be the voice of truth

the world is in need
of the voices of ordinary people

speaking truth
to power in our stories

for our stories 
are the catalyst for change

our stories speak for those
without a voice in our society

and if we do not speak for them
how will they endure?  

is it right that the most vulnerable among us
perish like feral kittens in the wilderness of neglect?

is this what we have become 
in this world?

what are we here for?
I believe we are here to say our stories

so as to provide the small transitory crumbs
for the path in the deep dark woods   I believe

that a few of our bread crumbs of words
will last at least a little way into the distance
Scattered and Small

Armen Gasparian:

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