Saturday, April 8, 2017

I added to the nest every day

I waited for the bird to land on the nest
that I made
with the smallest pieces of my mind

but the bird did not come
and I was left with the empty nest
as my reward for wishing for difficult things

I waited some more for the eggs
to be laid
in the poem's place

but the silence roared in the mind
a dog barked in the corner of the garden
and a couple strolled by holding hands

I went down to make a cup of coffee
for my sister   I put out the snacks
and mulled on the problem of silence

and lack of words
then I decided to simply start the work without waiting 
I put the miniature poem in this former place of silence

and then I scribbled some more
so that the first egg would not be alone
I added to the nest every day    so that the world would be filled

with my singing birds of hope
I wondered to myself
where they would all go to when they grew up

and what would happen to them
I made a nest of my mind
and I created the singing birds     out of silence and effort

the world is full of singing birds
of course I wish they were elegant
and that swans would float on the serene lake of silence

but all about me the mutants scrabble 
in the dirt of making
I wished for singing machines  

but none were given
and so I simply wrote every day
and accepted what I got

the world is full of those who wish to write a poem
I am not of this crew   I have made what I could
and I have filled the nest with them   so that the songs could be heard

I don't believe that the work must be perfect
simply start  and fill the nest of the mind
with whatever comes   then one day when you stop the work

you can hear only singing
I made a nest of my mind
and I created the singing birds     out of silence and effort
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]
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