Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home Visit--Sunday April 30, 2017

Rebecca is here but very sleepy so she did not make it to the parents' place. She had some watermelon slices and watched a movie.
Then I took the food to the parents' place with older boy so they could visit. There was a salad, a salad tray, watermelon slices and strawberries, devilled eggs and cheese.
While Rebecca was left at our place, hubby and younger boy worked on the schedule for second year at NAIT. Younger boy has to enrol soon and we don't want to forget about it.
The rain came down and washed away the dirt. Now a sun hand is peeling off the decal of wet. I had a small nap on the sofa at the parents' house while they ate and yapped with older boy. When we got home older boy went to nap. The afternoon seems to be a nap time for all of us.
Tomorrow older boy will leave and it will be lonesome as he is a lively kid and the family is more vivid when he is around. I don't know when he will have time to visit next as he might go travel on his next apparenticeship off time.
I noted fat buds on the trees by the Cactus Club Cafe yesterday and these same buds seem to be spring powering the tree outside my window that is a fan waving at me. The hypnotic effect of this waving is very effective and I feel like napping more but soon I will take Rebecca back to the Villa Marguerite for supper.
She is quite sleepy today. Hopefully she will be a bit more awake when I take her back.
 She did not paint today.
A long scallop of cloud is being dished out over the blue dish of sky. The world is very pretty.
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