Sunday, April 23, 2017

Home Visit Sunday April 23, 2017

Because the snow came down and made a fort out of the house I did the shovelling first and then found Helva was out of gas so I went and filled her up. Finally got to Rebecca at 1:30 pm and got her going. I met her doctor on the way out of the room and introduced myself. He seems nice.
I got Rebecca to the parking lot which was very slushy and then slowly went home. The snow is falling. I got her coffee and digestive biscuits ready. She is doing art. I don't know what the picture is but it is now bisected into two frames.
A movie is playing.
The plan for the party is changed. We will do art. Then we will take Rebecca with the cake to my parents' place where we will do the happy birthday song. While folks eat we will shovel the side walks for the parents. This way we are efficient which is a rare thing.
After shovelling the parents out I will take Rebecca back to the Villa in time for her decent supper and come back to eat another yucky meal.
We will leave the other places to shovel for Monday as it is still snowing and why add to the work load of today?
Younger boy is still trucking on his projects. It seems to take forever. I made him some scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast and lunch since he got up at noon.
Tuesday is the yearly care conference meeting where I will ask more questions about the care plan for Rebecca. It will be a good time to take stock of her health to date.
Older boy arrives on Tuesday so we will probably go out for a meal. It's only when older boy is here that we eat out. Most of the time he likes to eat at expensive places so this is hard on me but there you go. We at least eat in places we aren't familiar with. Usually I go to the big M for my coffee and hash brown meal. But even this luxury is now forbidden due to my failure to walk about the neighbourhood as planned earlier this year.
Maybe when the snow goes I will be more inclined to go out to the marsh watering holes and commune with the ducks and geese.
Snow is falling like sugar over the bowl of the land.
It's very heavy snow sugar and the land feels dough-like.
Soon the snow will be a memory and green grass will stagger out of the hiding places under the dirty sand by the sidewalks.
I will plant geraniums, petunias and lobelia in cascades. There will be nasturtiums. Such riches for fools.
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