Sunday, April 9, 2017

Home Visit Rebecca - Sunday April 9, 2017

Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
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Rebecca is home watching "Beauty and the Beast" as I was tired of the mayhem with the Avengers. Now she is also splashing paint all over the yellow page she was painting for her next piece of art. As I am hopeful that eventually she will be able to market her art on her own blog which I will call "Rebecca's Resuscitation" these pieces are important to chart her progress. First she painted at the kitchen table in a desultory obligatory fashion. Then she began to focus (which is hard for all of us and especially hard for her) to make colour choices. Now, in between snippets of Triscuits which she loves and coffee I leave her to be creative. It's best to let her do her own thing. At the Villa she usually does what she is told. At the house she does what she wants. Eventually we may be brave and go for walks but I am afraid to take her out for a walk in case she can't keep going so for now we will do dollar store trips and hair cuts. I have to take her to the hair dresser. I only recently went myself last Monday as my hair was assuming a life of its own much like bread mould does on week old bread; the stylist had a hard time making a polite comment about my three years of unkempt mop but when she got through at least for one day I felt like a normal human being with a hair cut that was pretty. I got hubby to take many photographs so he would have something to remember for the next three years when I don't go get the hair cut. In Rebecca's case she is more fussy about hair, makeup and all that junk so I will take her to the stylist for pruning, pimping and such like so that she can feel like a mod woman.
Right the Beauty and the Beast movie is so much better than the excessive mayhem of the Avengers. I am ready for a nap but I have work to do for the Elder Advocates Working Group that needs prompt attention. So I will try to keep awake. I am having cheese and crackers for lunch. Younger boy has many slices of pears I cut for him and Rebecca. Usually I end up making food for others and then I do not feel like eating much after the ordeal of deciding food groups for others.
A nap sounds so good. Maybe I will nap while Beauty and the Beast goes on.…/armen-g…

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