Saturday, April 22, 2017

Home Visit Rebecca--Saturday April 22, 2017

Julie Ali feeling happy.
Just now
Rebecca is home. I got her at 12:30 pm and we went straight to the Singlecuts Hair Salon and esthetics salon in Heritage Village. I had got my hair cut by Cecilia who is good and so Rebecca got her hair done there. We had to wait as there was a long line up so I took her to the Dollar store to get her art supplies. We went to Sobeys so she could choose her birthday cake for tomorrow. She picked an enormous cake that is the size of Jupiter and I put it in the garage to stay cool.
When we got home I got her a bagel toasted and coffee. It warmed her up and she's watching a movie. No art today it seems.
Her haircut looks good and I've taken pictures to remember her birthday haircut.
Outside the cold is hard and unhappy-like a spring kitten being carried around in the mouth of the winter cat. We didn't buy the birthday gift. Too lazy. Maybe tomorrow.
After I drop her off at the Villa Marguerite I will give the parents their milk and potatoes. Then I will run downtown to the pink federal building to give the taxes away since I do not want to be late.
It feels good just to have the lawsuit to work on and not the income taxes. It is a good thing taxes only happen once a year or my head would explode.
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