Saturday, April 8, 2017

Home visit done

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Just now
I took Rebecca back to the Villa. We always take her back for supper because her food is better than my cooking. For example tonight Rebecca will get a supper cooked by a chef.
I got a can of tuna, veggie tray we made and dip. I ate a digestive biscuit as a treat.
It's sad but if you were coddled all your life by two ancient parents who can cook, well there is no need to learn to cook and as a result my sons had to eat pizza for most of their lives.
This is why they now think pizza is a food group.
In any case, Rebecca got taken back. Her oxygen levels seem better since her POC (portable oxygen concentrator) has been on and at the setting of 2. I think the GI bug must have messed her up on her last visit.
Any way I don't think she will be unresponsive unless she gets the GI bug again. I will bring her home tomorrow unless I have to get dad to the grocery shopping. It will depend on how he is feeling.
I liked the morning walk where I saw the geese at the marsh. They are very noisy like toddlers fighting over the playground equipment. The red winged blackbirds don't seem to be here yet. The dogs are all about the soccer field doing their business which hopefully their owners are taking care of since children are playing on the field. It's a sad matter when we have irresponsible dog owners. Meanwhile the horrible hares have decimated much of my poor garden yet again (they think it is a buffet).
I have taken today off from the lawsuit work and maybe tomorrow as I was beginning to feel like a lawyer myself after years of this stuff. It was nice just walking and eating tuna out of the can (my usual life).
When your head feels as if it is stuffed full of other people it is best to simply look at art or read a book. Right this minute I am in love with the works of this artist who has so many sneaky tricks to hold your attention: Armen Gasparian

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