Friday, April 7, 2017

for what is falling other than / deciding on courage?

I have made a route to where I am
now I am curious
what happens next?
when I pass through this door
what will I encounter?
will there be dragons waiting for me?

the story is interesting
because I have not given in
the story is all about fear and overcoming
I wished for an easy life
which was given to me
but then    I left the road of rote memorisation

and I began the work of thinking independently
I asked questions of all I encountered
but I received the answers from fools
the dogs of government keep barking out the wrong responses
and the cats of public agencies twirled their batons of magical language
I realised it was all a dream that I was living

the only real lies in between here and there
the crack that you fall through 
is where you learn the situation of truth
and it's best   you get used to the leap to land
somewhere in mystery    take your soul like a parachute
and fall through the dream    and believe that in falling

you will still survive
believe that in falling you are still capable
of evolving    for what is falling other than 
deciding on courage?  I take the parachute of my soul
and float down gracefully    and when I arrive at the next gap
I do not hesitate   I simply leap into the great darkness around me

Arman Gasparian

Armen Gasparyan - Армен Гаспарян:

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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