Saturday, April 22, 2017

for soon enough

and what are you waiting for?
the permission you are seeking
will never come from outside

you must do the things you fear
and replace them with better
bigger fears

that's the way out of the trap
I put every fear on a step
of a ladder I climb so I reach the final place

that door that I open
at the end will be the fear
I'm most afraid of

but what is death
other than a different state
from the life I'm living now?

here is the place near the end
where I contemplate
the last metamorphosis

you can't figure it all out
but you can take a few steps to know
and the end of the matter is random

      you may be taken out
before the aha moment arrives
so just don't live your fears

instead fear and still do the work
that work that you are evading
this is to say that fear is a dream

much like life
and you will soon be through preliminary events
the door opens and you go

the final metamorphosis
is simply a leap into the silence
and so   while you are still here

don't be afraid
to speak       when we go
the things we didn't do    will be our  only wounds

I say the words that leap inside me
and I dance with the music
for soon enough

the silence will be here soon enough
and the light of the world
will be extinguished

and so while I am here
let me be merry and sing
let my poems flourish like dandelions

let the fluff of them be carried
to your neat lawn
let them infiltrate and root deep

so that you too are interested
with the weedy things
if only to remove them

I'm making such silver darts
out of the plain soul I carry all about
look at the dandelion seed head and see me inside

for I'm not in the shell of this poem
I'm not in the dusty book on the shelf
I'm flying over the dust of the landscape

Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]

Armen Gasparyan:

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