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Elizabeth Marchant · Calgary, Alberta Announcing the same deal twice (in June and again in September) but spinning the second version to look as though the government (and not AIMCo) was doing something on the jobs and diversification front is disturbing not just because we know how bumbling and inept this government is with money (and we want their grubby paws kept well away from the Heritage Fund) but because it confirms that they are completely willing to state (and be quite unashamed of their) bald lies about their actions (and inactions). So Notley and her government aren't just incompetent, they're unethical. What a surprise. Unlike · Reply · 89 · Mar 27, 2017 1:11pm · Edited

#GOASPIN is much better with NDPCs--Because the PCs thought that they were eternal oil monarchs they were entitled and pretty poor performers in government. They did not save much in the Heritage Trust Fund which has a pitiful amount of cash in it. What this means is that after big oil is done with doing business in Alberta we will be stuck with their environmental liabilities with the full complicity of government at the provincial and federal levels. This has been recently demonstrated to us by the $30 million that the Trudeau gave to the Notley for economic stimulation that she promptly handed over to big oil to pay for their liabilities in the orphan well progra.
So what's left to get cash from? We've been suckered by the greenwashing GST of the carbon tax that we are being told is being used to save us from climate change. But what is actually being done? We are given "free" energy efficient solutions in the form of light bulbs that actually paid for via the tax itself and so these free things aren't free but rather expensive unless you are riding a bike to and from work and don't pay for the carbon tax.
The NDP folks can't force a provincial tax on us after the outcry of the carbon tax. There is no money left anywhere that they can touch.
But lookee here-there is the Heritage Trust Fund. First they change the rules so they can appoint folks of their choosing without necessary background that was formerly required for board members for AIMCo. Then the next step? Start meddling in AIMCo which administers the fund. E-mails apparently went back and forth to massage the good news of a particular investment by AIMCo.
This all ended badly when journalists outside of Alberta asked for the paper trail that AHS has apparently been told not to generate in the last such meddling in the operation of an arm's off public agency. But the folks at the GOA and AIMCo apparently do keep e-mails and they indicate that the GOA was trying to find any and all good news to prop up their vanished status with ordinary citizens.
All this junk is pretty old news since this sort of meddling went on with the PCs but it kind of hurts that this stuff is done with the NDPCs who promised us that they weren't our grandparent's party of the PC sort.
What does all this meddling, spinning of the truth and outright interference indicate to this citizen? It's the same old PC government operating here with better spin unless of course a journalist puts in a FOIP request that gets at the dirt and exposes this dirt.
Now why didn't the journalists in Alberta do this work? Maybe they are all hired by the GOA now?
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Isn’t that the opposite of respecting AIMCo’s independence?
The NDP urgently wanted to eliminate any question that AIMCo had been tainted by politics. So the NDP’s political staff directed AIMCo to call the press and — as additional emails obtained by the Financial Post show — later called on AIMCo to help massage the public messaging in press releases and talking points for the premier to ensure everyone knew the government wasn’t compromising AIMCo’s independence. Isn’t getting AIMCo to do all that pretty much the opposite of independence?
That original column, which had thrown NDP into damage-control mode, concerned an investment AIMCo made last June in Calfrac, a Calgary-based oil services company. AIMCo had provided financing to Calfrac to restructure its debt, which had become an investor concern, and had arranged very lucrative terms. One analyst complimented AIMCo on a “sweet deal.”
The trouble came when the NDP government re-announced the deal in September, portraying it as an investment in the government’s efforts to promote “renewable energy,” diversify the economy and “create jobs.” Calfrac was taken aback at the way politicians were suddenly, inaccurately framing the deal. It sent a note out to bankers and analysts explaining the government’s announcement “was not vetted by AIMCo or Calfrac” and said it didn’t think “either parties are particularly pleased with the confusion it has caused.” Calfrac’s note reiterated that AIMCo’s investment was being used “for working capital and general corporate purposes,” the same words it used when the deal was announced months earlier, and was not a subsidy for green energy schemes or job creation.
The cock-up with Calfrac came after the government had started directing AIMCo on where to invest its money, compromising its fund managers’ longstanding independence by requiring they allocate three per cent of the Heritage Fund to “directly invest in Alberta’s growth.”
Most recently, the NDP stripped out requirements that appointees to AIMCo’s board have relevant financial, legal or board experience, and permitted the government to appoint candidates outside its nominating committee’s list. Albertans might see all these as reasons to suspect their savings are at growing risk of being hijacked for the NDP’s political priorities.
The emails between the government and AIMCo obtained by the Financial Post won’t likely alleviate those concerns. They show that just before the NDP government made its misleading Calfrac announcement, AIMCo tried warning the office of Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous there could be trouble. “Legally, we have to get approval from Calfrac for any release that we are part of to include them, and it has been indicated to me that getting sign off may be difficult,” wrote AIMCo’s communications director in an email to the ministry. “I appreciate that this is not what you are wanting to hear, so we will work with you to do what we can to support the Minister’s messaging.”
Perhaps, he suggested, they could simply say AIMCo’s investments were good for job growth “instead of relying on one of our investee companies.” Bilous’s office insisted that top people very much wanted a quote from Calfrac, even suggesting that perhaps the firm would at least “concede” to reusing a quote from its president that could be cut and pasted out of an earlier press release, when Calfrac first signed the deal with AIMCo. But no quote from Calfrac would show up in the government press release. And Bilous made the announcement anyway, naming Calfrac as an investment meant to “support innovation and environmental stewardship.”
Clearly the government was eager to take some political credit for AIMCo’s deal, and AIMCo shortly realized the repercussions: When the Metro news outlet ran the first story on the announcement, AIMCo alerted Bilous’s office that the report “got the messaging wrong” because it “implies new money, rather than a recap of prior investments.” The press release had been fuzzy about that. It’s easy to see why reporters got confused when the government was so heavily spinning the messaging.
What Albertans should be concerned about is AIMCo getting sucked into the government’s spinning whirlwind. After the misrepresentations about the Calfrac deal were exposed here, emails show the NDP’s Rotman didn’t just ask AIMCo to start making phone calls to newsrooms to clean up the messaging mess. He told AIMCo to get him a “briefing note” on Calfrac “no later than first thing tomorrow morning as the Premier will be scrummed on this tomorrow.” He was involved in helping draft the press release that AIMCo released correcting the “unclear” wording in the government’s Calfrac announcement. In it, AIMCo takes the blame for providing flawed “guidance” to the government, while reaffirming its “investment decision making independence.”
Then, the emails show, Rotman had AIMCo work with him on responses the premier could give reporters in that scrum. In the script that went back and forth between the government and AIMCo, there were hypothetical questions that reporters might ask, followed by talking-point answers. For instance, this one: “There are those who suggest you are interfering into the mandate of … AIMCo. How do you respond?” The premier’s scripted, unconvincing answer: “That is simply not true.”

Elizabeth Marchant ·
Announcing the same deal twice (in June and again in September) but spinning the second version to look as though the government (and not AIMCo) was doing something on the jobs and diversification front is disturbing not just because we know how bumbling and inept this government is with money (and we want their grubby paws kept well away from the Heritage Fund) but because it confirms that they are completely willing to state (and be quite unashamed of their) bald lies about their actions (and inactions).

So Notley and her government aren't just incompetent, they're unethical. What a surprise.
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Darshan Maharaja ·
Works at Self-Employed
McGuinty did a similar double-announcement a few years back here in Ontario. In every respect, the Alberta NDP are proving theselves to be worthy followers of McGuinty / Wynne disaster. I do hope Albertans vote this bunch out in the next election. We failed to do that to the Ontario Liberals & are paying a heavy price.
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Charlene Pursey ·
Darshan Maharaja The problem being, who would we vote in?
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Darshan Maharaja ·
Works at Self-Employed
Charlene Pursey True, the alternatives aren't at all inspiring, but I think we have reached a point where it is more important to make the Liberals face the consequences of their misgovernance, than to ponder if the other contenders are deserving of our vote. If we vote this gang back in (even without Wynne in the mix), then their sense of invincibility - already toxic after their 2014 victory - will be absolutely lethal to the public.
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Julie Ali ·
Charlene Pursey Best to change the political party every election. We can vote for the Wildrose and if they don't work out we change them for any other party. If all of them are equally incompetent we simply keep the entrenched entitlement to a minimum.
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Wayne Jason ·
Notley is perhaps the most odious leader in the history of Alberta politics. That's quite the feat considering Alison Redford was forced out of office by her own party.
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Eric Jordan
There is no doubt that Notley didn't "win" the election, but was elected because Alison Redford and the Conservatives "LOST"

AND Don't run away with the idea that Notley is Canada's worst Premier. Ontario has that slot all sewed up.

WORSE YET; Junior is following up in Ontario's tradition of bad government decisions.
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Paul Burton
Eric Jordan

Agreed it truly is scratch for the bottom. What a bunch of incompetent &^%$ ups.
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Louis Zwick
Eric Jordan , true.
At least Notley will never be re-elected.
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Baked Canadians
The least competent leader in Canada is now trying her hand on the levers of the Heritage Fund. I'd say unbelievable but at this point nothing surprises me when it comes to Notley. Stupid people like her never know when they are out of their depth.
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Jared Ethier ·
Hold on here ---- In Ontario we have and still are suffering with Mcquinty/Whynne.
in this competition they are strong contenders.
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Pat Manolis
Wynne is far worse for those living under her thumb in Ontario
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Darryl Russell ·
Spencer Tracy Don' forget the Federal government.
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Harry Karasewich ·
Typical Dipper MO - No problem here. Just because you spent the last 20 years selling sporting goods, no matter, nyet problemo - you can handle being CEO of a hospital, appointed to a law and order outfit. It's what dippers do - stick their fetid, unqualified operatives and pals into very senior(overly hi-paid) positions to monitor and swing the mandates their way. Nothing stinks like pinko commies pretending to be principled socialists whose only goal is "everyone's" success, wealth and security! Yet, lumps like this and Ontari-owe lieberals continue to attract the naive, gullible and unionized to their fold - leaving the rest of us with the bills, the pain and anger. Beautiful!
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Theo Groenevelt ·
Well Said Harry....I could not agree more.
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Michael Boyd ·
I second that.
Well said Harry!!!
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Nancy Crawford ·
Very well articulated! Thank you
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Iain Foulds
... The NDP know that they have only a matter of months before they are wiped out from Alberta's political history. Take away their PS union support, and they have zero support.
... So, they are just throwing themselves a big party, laughing at tax paying Albertans, without a shred of responsibility or accountability.
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Brad Lee
49 more months until the next election. Far too many.
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Ron Ulmer ·
..............Harry Karasewich........Please explain why unions working for safe and well paid jobs is a bad thing. Thanks for your time.
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Jay Vung ·
Ron Ulmer I have no problem with unions.However, we MUST reduce spending, and reducing the size and cost of the government must be a #1 priority. In the private sector, I couldn't care less about them. When the already overburdened taxpayer is the employer? We must negotiate HARD with these unions to ensure that public sector work doesn't pay more than private sector work.
UnlikeReply19Mar 27, 2017 11:09am
Louis Zwick
This 'accidental government' continues to show just how inept they all are.

Albertans aren't into these dippers brand of socialism.
Absolutely the worst band of losers Albertans have ever had to deal with.
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Pradeepkumar Pandey ·
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Dean Love ·
As bad as this spinning of the announcement is, the worst thing in this article in my opinion is the fact that the NDP has changed the requirements for appointees to AIMCo's board so that they don't have to have the qualifications that they actually need to do the job. This is a sinister development in that it will allow the NDP to appoint people who will simply push it's agenda, likely to the detriment of both the Fund and Albertans. One would think that there would be some kind of regulation to prevent putting unqualified people on the Board.
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Kerry Armstrong ·
Yes indeed, nice summary!
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 12:58pm
Jim Sylvester
so true and SHOULD be a SERIOUS concern to us all!!
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Julie Ali ·
The placement of unqualified people on boards has gone on for decades in Alberta with the PCs; I don't expect this politicization of the boards to change with any political party. AHS for example currently has a board full of folks who appear to be puppets for the NDP folks in government just as former AHS boards were in general puppets to the PCs.
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Sandy Burnett ·
It's just mind boggleing that people after so many failures of NDP and Liberal governments over the last 50 years still blindly vote for them. I suppose as they say, "you can't fix stupid".
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George Digler
- News flash but their hasn't been a Liberal or NDP government in Alberta for the last 43 years. ...till now. Hardly see how in 1 year Notley create all this mess.
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Sandy Burnett ·
George Digler I'm speaking of NDP and Liberal gov'ts in general, not Alberta specifically, but if you think Notley is doing a great job, so be it.
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 3:12pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
George Digler Can't you count, they have two years left before the next election. As for your Liberal Governments...Redford, Stelmach, Decore...should I go on you fool?
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 5:09pm
Bill Wylie ·
George Digler - The PC's were full of liberals especially Stelmach's and Redford's MLA's which governed just like Liberals. Then there is Sandra Jansen who was a closet NDP and finally came out.
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 11:01pm
Julie Ali ·
Kerry Armstrong The PCs were not very fiscally responsible but they were not Liberals. I hope the Wildrose will be better but based on the performance to date of all the political parties such a hope may be unreasonable. Maybe all the political parties are in the business for themselves and public service is a myth.
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Cheri L Bass ·
Interesting we aren't hearing about this in Alberta. I guess NDP money has bought their loyaalty. Not so with Calfrac. Good on them.
UnlikeReply24Mar 27, 2017 8:51am
Julie Ali ·
Feels like most of the reporters are now working for the GOA and so we're unlikely to get investigative journalism. Mind you with the PCs there was secrecy as well. It's disappointing.
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Cheri L Bass ·
When the NDP changed the rules allowing them to appoint inexperienced members to Aimco there was zero reporting in Edmonton that I can find, only the Calgary Herald and that was via the National Post.
UnlikeReply15Mar 27, 2017 10:33am
Kerry Armstrong ·
More and more examples daily now, of the ineptitude on Notley's dumbed down crew of NDP Union stooges.
LikeReply21Mar 27, 2017 9:05am
Cheri L Bass ·
And silence from local media especially in Edmonton. Wouldn't want to embarrass the Premier and her fan boys and girls.
LikeReply16Mar 27, 2017 9:57am
Keith Bonham
Cheri L Bass
The MSM don,t have the PLUMS for this kind of reporting .You sure won,t see it on the Liberal Network ( CBC ) either.
LikeReply9Mar 27, 2017 12:01pm
Julie Ali ·
Cheri L Bass I do find it odd that this information is no where to be found in Edmonton. Why not? Is it because all the journalists are now working for the GOA?
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Peter Breedveld
The dippers just can't keep their hands off our money. The last people in the world I want managing my money is the NDP.
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Chris DiCesare ·
well, well well, caught with ur hand in the cookie jar eh Notley? aything u say beyond I was wrong to attack the fund for political reasons will only make ur nose grow larger than it is now - ur time is coming and it come fast enuff as I see the electorate that is going to snuff u and ur party at the ballot box and u can take refuge in Edmonton with all the deep thinking high foreheads in the civil service
LikeReply13Mar 27, 2017 10:22am
Patrick Robinson ·
Notley knows the game is up. A week before the budget was released, the govt signed a contract with one union giving 2% raise retroactive to 2015.

So we are broke, this govt is not doing anything to try and balance things, they are just sitting back and hoping like hell that oil prices rise, and they are giving out contracts with raises in them?

We'll see if our poverty activist finance minister continues this trend.

Anything other than a hard freeze on all wages and benefits for the public sector, at minimum, is a signal that the NDP knows they are dead man walking for the next election and they will give the farm away further, making it even harder for a responsible govt to get finances back in order.
LikeReply9Mar 27, 2017 11:11am
Roger McKellar ·
Patrick Robinson Thanks, Patrick. I never heard about the retroactive union wage increase. Shame on them. Absolutely shameful.
UnlikeReply6Mar 27, 2017 11:53am
Chris DiCesare ·
Patrick Robinson - I live in Ontario, ur just starting to deal with the pain that progs cause in their state of enlightenment - but as I understand an election is coming and if the forces that seek to remove Notley and crew from Edmonton need any help what so ever - I would be happy to transplant myself to Alta to assist with the bloodletting, let the carnage begin
UnlikeReply1Mar 28, 2017 7:19am
Rose Gee
Surprise Surprise!! The communists-ndp in alta are corrupt! Greecetario and Quebec must be very upset that the alberta commies have so bankrupted alberta that alberta can no longer send welfare payments back east!
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 6:58pm
Julie Ali ·
This is silly. They aren't communists. They are inept and as bad as the PCs were if not more unproductive. I imagine we will survive them. We survived 44 years of PC entitlement and waste of money. It's only four years with this crew and we're done.
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Roger McKellar ·
I'm sure Notley would live to get her little fingers into this pickle jar. It's pretty hard to maintain a completely untouch public service (including pension plans) when there is less revenue coming in through normal channels.

I'm not sure what the cost of servicing public sector union jobs is in Alberta is, but it cannot be chump change, especially when their wages and benefits are already the highest in Canada.
LikeReply9Mar 27, 2017 11:43am
Desirea Smith ·
Try talking to an NDP mp ,they totally have nothing to do with anything. The government provides a lot of money to low income housing but says they can't do anything about it after they give the money.
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 12:50pm
Arie A. de Valois ·
Good for Notley. To suggest the PC party didn't use the Heritage Fund for whatever it wanted, is to believe in Alternative-Facts. Like Kevin Libin suggesting the current govt is doing anything other than rebutting those same Alternative Facts.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 5:12pmEdited
Kerry Armstrong ·
You are repeating your troll comments from this AM. Why do you think it's ok for Notley to tinker with an arms body that sets it's own rules? Tell us that NDP troll?
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 5:49pm
Roger Lowden
In spite of all the blunders in Alberta and Ontario, I fear greatly that an NDP government will be elected here in BC. The general public has been dumbed-down to the extent that Horgan will be our next Czar. Too many people who didn't experience the NDP in the '90s and have no idea what happened back then.
LikeReply5Mar 27, 2017 11:44am
Roger McKellar ·
I live in BC and have a very long memory, which includes several disasterous NDP government. The BC Liberals may be voted out, but it will not be because the NDP are a better choice, not at all.

It will be because Christy Clark has sold the province out to foreign money.

Many of us cannot afford to live in the province anymore.
UnlikeReply7Mar 27, 2017 11:57am
Jim Sylvester
Roger McKellar

foreign invrestment is a federal issue, not a provincial one
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 3:37pm
Boyd McIntyre ·
I always thought that inexperienced thieves would do less harm than seasoned professionals but Rachel and her gang are proving me wrong!
UnlikeReply5Mar 27, 2017 3:27pm
Julie Ali ·
We got fooled by the stand up for your families chatter. It's a pretty strategic group with elegant ways of spinning the news much like the sunny ways Trudeau who is a kinder gentler Harper. So much for change in Alberta or in Canada. Same old, same old but faster than with the PCs.
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Bruce Stanley ·
Realistically people are allowed at least one big mistake. Ontario had Rae, Alberta has Notely and Canada has Jr. That should be enough for a decade or two.
LikeReply10Mar 27, 2017 11:28am
Keith Bonham
Canada,s three stooges , The Ontar-i-owe Liberal Wynne-Bag , Alberta,s NDP Nutley & of course our little boy in Ottawa Justine. GOD HELP US......PLEASE
LikeReply6Mar 27, 2017 12:11pm
Darshan Maharaja ·
Works at Self-Employed
Bruce, Sadly Ontario has had Rae, then McGuinty and then Wynne. The combined effect has been devastating.
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 1:18pm
Lori Losowy ·
In the fall of 2015, in response to my asking him what he was going to do when the NDP had burned through our remaining rainy day fund of $6.5B (which he admitted he intended to make happen by mid-2016), Joe Ceci looked me in the eye, and said, "there is still the Heritage Fund"...and I felt a chill, realizing that our Finance Minister intended to spend every penny his NDP could get their hands on. At the time, I wondered if I should actually be too worried, knowing that there was independent oversight of the Heritage, I'm damn straight worried that this government intends to leave us with the entrails of their ideology for generations to come..,and those children will be paying for it too...
UnlikeReply2Mar 28, 2017 2:23am
Julie Ali ·
Wow. This group has no sort of financial sense at all. The NDP are leaving a big mortgage for our kids that will hamper any sort of economic recovery. But I guess this is still recoverable. Cuts are needed and will happen as we can't pay for the entitlements in the public sector while job loss/economic insecurity is the lot of the folks in the private sector. The ABCs (agencies, boards and commissions) need to be pruned, amalgamated and dissolved. It's been a feast time for all these folks and we can't keep paying for them when we have no deliverables that I can see.
If the Heritage Trust Fund is emptied we're pretty much sunk. It's a sad situation.
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Ron Ulmer ·
It's quite interesting that people who like to think of themselves as problem solvers, hard workers and community supporters are the ones that have more time to post about how bad someone else is doing their job. STOP BITCHING and do something productive. Posting and looking for your provincial government to bail you out is plain childish. Looking after yourself seems to be a big thing for conservatives, so look after yourself.
Julie Ali ·
We are loooking after ourselves. But why should we look after a major number of public servants without deliverables with perks and pensions that we can never imagine? What are we? The bank for the entitled elite?
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Steven Eleftheriadis ·
Typical Left-Wing lies and spin. I'm suprised they didn't throw in the 'racist' and 'bigot' angle in there to cast more shade on the editorial writer for revealing what is a clear breach of ethics. Not that that matters as, I think, the NDP knows they are snowball in a hot oven and probably don't have much chance of winning again.
So, right now, they are doing whatever damage they can. This way they can self-righteously spend their next 50 years in opposition whining about how 'great' their brief era was, and how badly the Wild Rose/revivved Conservatives 'ruined' their 'wonderful plans' for the saving economy, protecting the working class, and helping the environment by growing unicorns and rainbows in Taber, whey they are turfed out by them.
That's what their next spin will be at the next election and everyone after that. COUNT ON IT!
Ruth Smith
Notley and Wynne have very special skills. We watch Ont. go down and then along comes Notley who is competing in "the special skills contest" which is to leave canadians with not one penny and no democracy....and alas Trudeau raised his cute little head. Let us have a lottery who is the "cutest" and has the best ability to reduce their own popularity. i think the list of competence includes: "broken promises", lightbulbs from ontario, confusion and what and how we make money, who can borrow the most money, who raise taxes and still have massive debt....and my favorite...who can sue themselves?...See More
Brent Stewart
Not saying forsure, but I will asume they are investing this money in Calfrac to help keep it alive and considering these low oil prices this investement is almost garanteed to gain a nice profit if they can stay afloat till the oil and gas industry improves, also this investment is being used within Calfrac to keep there employees employed versus unemployed.
This is not the first or last investment done by the government or AIMCo and nor will it be the first bad or good investment, I hate the NDP but i think this could be good for Alberta heritage fund and people of the province.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 9:27pm
Fred Sagel
Notley has been an effective leader. But if she were really brave, she would, like other provinces, implement an effective provincial sales tax, thereby reducing the deficit enormously. But she deserves a lot of kudos -- not name calling as some people on here do because they have no rational arguments.
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 11:57am
Keith Bonham
Fred S.
What part of Ontar-i-owe do you live in & could you give us the name of the Union you belong to , it would be interesting.
LikeReply10Mar 27, 2017 12:04pm
Darshan Maharaja ·
Works at Self-Employed
Mr. Sagel, inasmuch as there has been an effect on the province of her leadership, yes, she has been effective. Problem is that the effect has been negative on a vast majority of the people.
UnlikeReply12Mar 27, 2017 12:17pm
Tom Smith ·
Your Orange is showing douchebag
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 12:22pm
Julie Ali ·
Ms. Notley does not deserve name calling. But I do not believe she deserves any praise.
She has not been good for Alberta.
I note that the NDP folks did not mention the carbon tax before we elected them.
I also note that no sort of action has been taken in the area of the 2,000 long term care beds. Continuing care in Alberta as well as the mental health system remains untouched.
Very poor communication for the first two years possibly due to poor advice from their advisors; now they are reaching out to Albertans but who is listening to them now?
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Eugene Plawiuk ·
Wow what a Muckracker article you caught the NDP with their hand in the public sector pension funded AIMCo which it is as much as it is Heritage Funds, something the Klein PC's never did, opps wait yes they did, anyways thanks for your opinion none the less you are blowing smoke, as you quoted “There are those who suggest you are interfering into the mandate of … AIMCo. How do you respond?” “That is simply not true.” As for scandale what about PC appointed former AIMCo boss Leo Bever who was involved a SEC scandal in Ontario, now that would have been a story but the FP hardly covered it
Boyd Tonita
As quoted ,, the resources should be left in the ground ,, funny when you have to govern the bill ,, ,how is your protest election going alberta ,, and not one of you will say i didnt vote ,, you made your bed , sleep with a snake .
Elizabeth Marchant ·
Is that some kind of stream of thought experiment up there? Well, James Joyce, you're not. Just drivel.
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 2:23pm
Boyd Tonita
Elizabeth Marchant Your med's are slipping , please be more cohearent .
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 2:25pm
Jim Sylvester
looks like someone jumped the gun with the pot legislation
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 3:31pm
Kathy Geiger
Boyd Tonita Nope, particulary bang on. But then you would have had to read James Joyce to understand what Marchant is is saying.
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 5:56pm
Blayne Millington ·
47% of Albertans think the NDP's handling of the economy has been "Very Poor" (Mainstreet). They're desperate to announce something positive after another Big Spending Big Borrowing budget. The Alberta Govt owns a bank, Alberta Treasury Banch, whose capital the NDP increased so they can make green and diversification loans during an extended recession. Look for increased bad loans at ATB in the near future.
Rick Smith
Blayne Millington: People should pull there capital out of ATB lock, stock and barrel!!!!!
UnlikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 2:23pm
Paul O'Brien ·
Absolutely shockng the lengths these childish politicians will go and the manipulation of plain facts they will use to pat themselves on the back...for other institutions' effort. Way to go on digging these communications up. Albertans and Canadians need to understand more of this.
Ted Lintner ·
Heritage fund? should be at least half the one Norway has, half would be like 500 billion, oh wait it some 17 billion, the previous Conservative government used it to build fancy golf courses for the rich
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 10:58am
Patrick Robinson ·
There was no "previous conservative government" Unless you are referring to King Ralph.
There was a PC party that had been taken over by public service unions aka the NDP and that party was decimated in the last election due to their complete progressive mismanagement of Alberta's finances.
But don't worry, we'll get an actual fiscal conservative govt in a couple years and we'll fix the results of the last decade of progressive financial policy.
LikeReply9Mar 27, 2017 11:06am
Bruce Stanley ·
And yet the NDP are even worse. Sad eh?
UnlikeReply9Mar 27, 2017 11:24am
Mike Vernon
Ted...Norway is a country, Alberta a province. That was your first mistake in comparing the two oil produces. Now how about the $200 billion sent to Ottawa for the parasites in the East.
LikeReply10Mar 27, 2017 11:33am
Sue Miller ·
Norway has 25% HST dimwit.
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 12:27pm
Tom Smith ·
$17 Billion? not even close and BTW Norway has close to 50% personal tax. No thank you
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 12:28pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
Norway is a sovereign Nation, when did Alberta become a counntry of it's own Ted you lefty fool?
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 12:45pm
Rick Smith
Ted Linter: Here's how delusional you are! In 1980 Alberta had 17 billion in the Heritage Trust Fund and building fast when Ontario and the rest of the eastern Provinces whined like a bunch of sissy girls to Pierre Trudeau about the "unfair" mounting wealth in Alberta! Pierre Trudeau then implemented the NEP to cut Alberta down to size and ripped over 80 billion out of Alberta with his NEP, plus the Alberta oil industry generated tax dollars in the form of 300 billion plus in Transfer Payments which was transferred to the whiny fiscally imprudent Provinces of Ontario and east over the last 40 ...See More
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 2:58pm
Jim Sylvester
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 3:40pm
Kathy Geiger
Part of the problem might be that Norway is a country while Alberta is a land locked province within a country. Just a hunch... How about you go see if you find another province or state within a country in the world who has such a thing within the last 50 years before you slam the PCs for having one, let alone a paltry $17B. Yeah what a failure there... a trust fund with $17B!! What the hell was Lougheed thinking??? Oh well, the fact that not $5 will the NDP will ever be able contribute to it should make you deleriously happy.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 6:04pm
Terri Murphy-Adams ·
Patrick Robinson You are so right. Klein was the last good Premier we had. Stlemach and Redford. GROSS.
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 6:25pm
Doug Brown
No need to worry. The NDP will be more than willing to cover any loses at AIMCo with taxpayer money to ensure its union masters' pensions remain whole.
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 11:36am
Jim Sylvester
in all likelihood they will not cover any losses - just balme them on the previous government's actions
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 3:38pm
Doug Brown
Jim Sylvester Ideally pensioners would take the hit on any losses.
LikeReplyMar 28, 2017 9:47am
Ben d'Avernas ·
Works at Self-Employed
Let's not kid ourselves, previous governments have interferred with the Heritage Fund as well, probably why it's grossly underfunded.
LikeReply1Mar 28, 2017 5:22am
Kerry Armstrong ·
Notley in in charge today, try saying it out load Notley is in charge today.
LikeReply2Mar 28, 2017 9:27am
Ben d'Avernas ·
Works at Self-Employed
Kerry Armstrong: Denying the past doesn't make a difference anymore, the fund is sorely underfunded and deflecting to Notley won't put monies in the Fund.
LikeReply1Mar 28, 2017 12:14pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
Ben d'Avernas That is certainly true as she and her inept crew are spending $10 this year just to pay for her Union minions, and keep the lights on. Yet you seal flipper clap that? BTW why do you care about Alberta, you have your own train wreck going on in Ontario.
LikeReplyMar 28, 2017 12:25pmEdited
George Digler
I been complaining about this for the last decade. But, when you got Daryl King katz sitting as a board of director and funneling sum $430,000 in to tory coffer's , nothing ever got done. Albertan's were so stupid for : they take that money our money, invest it in shale projects in the U.S putting us out of jobs, or movie theaters in Europe etc than investing in our own people and businesses. Main reason I'll never vote Conservative again unless Kenney can solemnly swear he will kibosh photo radar, then maaaaaybeeee. But, never trust a con !
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 2:30pm
Jim Sylvester
you really do not have a handle on reality at all
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 3:28pm
George Digler
Jim Sylvester - let's just say I keep great tracks on AIMCO. I review their investments every year, I know what's invested in , All the board of directors. Did you know the slimeball heading the shows from Ontario, ran his last firm in to the ground ?
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 3:34pmEdited
Kerry Armstrong ·
George Digler Try English you fool.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 5:11pm
Max Fiander ·
Ms Notley has identified another source of funds. When she orchestrates the lose of billions it will be the non-government employees who pick up the tab for the shortfall she creates in the defined benefits pensions her loyal followers will collect and enjoy.

The unions will love this. Those of us on the "outside" will be further indentured in order to maintain them in a retirement lifestyle we can only aspire to.
LikeReply7Mar 27, 2017 10:51am
Garfield Firth ·
What Rachel Notlycompetent is trying to steal more money from the Alberta people. Who would believe this could happen.I AM SHOCKED.
Morice Miller
It's only Monday and Libby has already found himself another Friday he'll be literaly vibrating. Get the damn pills!
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 11:22am
Jim Sylvester
no consipracy here - just a completel politicisation of a process that is supposed to be independent of political manipulation - open your eye and remove your rose coloured glasses
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 3:39pm
Terry Rogers ·
Take note BC, this is what happens when you elect an NDP government.
LikeReply16Mar 27, 2017 9:27am
Julie Ali ·
It is time for a change in BC. The NDP will be there for a term and then folks will vote them out. It's better than having that Liberal crew in for yet another term of useless performance in my opinion. We're to do the same sort of change in Alberta. None of these political parties are any good and it's best to keep rotating the people.
LikeReply6 hrs
Patrick Robinson ·
Simply more proof of the insidious ways the NDP will destroy to financial future of this province.
Utter incompetence
LikeReply10Mar 27, 2017 9:54am
Allan Hay
The NDP credibility in Alberta has been exposed, massage their message or your out. Political Tin Pot shyter`s every bloody one.
LikeReply11Mar 27, 2017 8:57am
Julie Ali ·
The NDP are no different than the PCs. Has everyone forgotten the Tapcal Trust Fund? How did this little secret get kept from us?
LikeReply18 mins
Craig Dobson
Like Kim or Belinda , or Margret or the will come to the time that you are revealed as a fraud who wished you not born a man want to be , go home and be a girl and attend to your flock.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 1:14pm
Tom Smith ·
Keep your stinking thieving Commie NDP hands off the Trust Fund
LikeReply5Mar 27, 2017 12:06pm
Allen Manana Graham ·
Works at Self-Employed
Is Rachel Notley taking advice from Kathleen Wynne ? Is the NDP different from Liberals ?
Alberta has an unpleasant problem..........Notley.
LikeReply3Mar 28, 2017 9:51am
Jim Lowerison
why not divide the fund among the people? Aren't we already taxed to the hilt to cover year to year expenses?
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 10:10am
Darshan Maharaja ·
Works at Self-Employed
Oh they are dividing the fund all right - just their definition of 'people' is a bit different from yours & mine.
LikeReply7Mar 27, 2017 10:13am
Brian Boru ·
Liben. You can have your utopia once you elect the 50 year old virgin.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 12:36pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
Brian get back to us all when you are eligble to vote in Alberta you troll.
LikeReply4Mar 27, 2017 12:36pm
Brian Boru ·
Kerry Armstrong Look Mom! It's the troll form the air force that loves the 50 year old virgin!
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 12:50pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
Brian Boru That's your reply? Do you always talk to Mom from your basement? Typical....
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 12:59pmEdited
Vladimir Smejkal ·
Works at Self Unemployed
Ha, good point, Brian.
LikeReplyMar 28, 2017 12:43pm
Sal Toma
No rules for Notley and NDP, as they banish Alberta to the economic junk yard of Canada. How do you like them so far Alberta? The rest of the country kicked them out years ago. Your situation will only get worse under their rule.
LikeReply3Mar 28, 2017 6:48am
Robert Lynn
I'ts only natural that the masterminds would want to control AIMCo and institute scientific planning.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 2:09pm
Gary Reid
All socialists believe that public money exists for the sole purpose of furthering their socialist agenda ... an agenda set only by them. The very notion that some public money lays beyond their political reach and control causes their heads to explode in a "this does not compute" sort of way.
LikeReply12Mar 27, 2017 10:33am
Allan Paquet ·
Look how

this story leads the reader.
“There are those who suggest you are interfering into the mandate of … AIMCo. How do you respond?” The premier’s scripted, unconvincing answer: “That is simply not true.”
Marcel Charette ·
Looks like the CPC sycophants have ruined this thread.
Kerry Armstrong ·
No looks like Union stooges are very upset, case in point! Care to refute what Notley's crew has attempted to do before being caught?
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 7:36pm
Bob Warren ·
This should not happen the NDP need to keep their hands off this money. It is not their money.
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 9:29pm
Lloyd Edward Litke ·
And why should we believe anything by Ezra Levant's long-time associate Kevin Living? The guy is a right-wing troll.
Kerry Armstrong ·
And what makes that relevent to Notley's Union controlled goons in Government?
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 2:51pm
Jim Sylvester
really? that is all yoiu have to say? relying on your political bias and ignoring the galring disclosure that this article presnts - SOMEONE has to make the politicans accountable - but hey I guess that isn't what you want
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 3:31pm
Antonio Ziorio
People do not realize that Alberta is not California with 50 million people. We have 3.3 million residents and far fewer tax payers. We cannot afford the services the government is borrowing money to delivery. Lets face it, the Alberta advantage is not the weather, It was supposed to be low taxes to compensate for the crappy weather and fit for purpose services, but that is all gone. Now the Heritage Trust fund is a gonner and the east is against us. Sounds like disolution of confederation to me...
Julie Ali ·
This is silly. We have a bust and we will get through it. We will have to ensure the NDP don't touch the Heritage Trust Fund but really the PCs are to blame for the less than satisfactory savings in this fund.
The spending binge in Alberta is certainly over but the NDP won't do the cuts that are necessary.
But cuts are coming. I imagine the Wildrose will put in a provincial sales tax because cuts alone will not pay off the provincial debt. Paying off the debt will require cuts to the GOA positions and increased revenue generation-both from the carbon tax that is supposedly for special projects and the provincial sales tax that has to be done now. I imagine the cuts would be done first or Albertans won't put up with another tax after the carbon tax.
LikeReply19 mins
Dean Despas ·
Thanks, Kevin. This should be of concern to all Albertans.
UnlikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 3:25pm
James Ehret ·
Left wing trying to hijack the savings account for they're own political purpose. Mao Tse Tung would be proud
Carolyn Fox ·
Rachel...keep your hands off the Heritage Trust Fund....
Vladimir Smejkal ·
Works at Self Unemployed
Hmmm, you should have been around during the last 3-4 Conservative governments.
LikeReplyMar 28, 2017 12:47pm
Julie Ali ·
Vladimir Smejkal The PCs were poor managers and very entitled folks. They were pretty much oil monarchs. They got turfed because they took us for granted. But the NDP are no better. They are better at spin than the arrogant PCs but in the end they are the new oil monarchs. Unfortunately for them we aren't waiting 44 years to turf them. It will be at the next election because the so called peoples' party is all about themselves.
LikeReply23 mins
Donald Joseph Harrison ·
Not much time left for the NDP
LikeReply3Mar 27, 2017 3:35pm
Alan Bonnell ·
Kevin O’Leary's assesment seem's to be spot on.
LikeReply6Mar 27, 2017 10:48am
Gloria Dent
Is there anything left for them to bugger up?????
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 12:44pm
Julie Ali ·
Well they have buggered up the $30 million that Mr. Trudeau gave to us for economic development by handing it over to big oil to pay for their liabilities in the orphan well program.
They have constructed an odd climate change leadership program for the sole purpose of generating money with a greenwashing GST instead of a provincial sales tax. The money from this sales tax (otherwise known as the carbon tax) pays for junk bond projects like energy efficient light bulbs that are apparently "free" and other green projects of a P3 sort that means the money is essentially subsidizing green projects that are not cost effective without public dollars.
They have spent money like they are printing it for health and education without telling us where the money to pay for these increasing liabilities are coming from. It may be it will come from the Heritage Trust Fund.
They have been poor communicators and less than satisfactory representatives.
No sorts of changes to the continuing care system have resulted because seniors don't matter. I am disappointed by their performance to date and although I admire their skill at public spin which is better than that of the Tories, they are otherwise a lacklustre bunch of political hires.
LikeReply24 mins
Phillip Grimison
Bilous makes me bilious.
George Tsoporis ·
The NP war against Notley continues.
Kerry Armstrong ·
Geo from Toronto, the war against Albertan's continues from the Union controlled Notley crew.
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 2:51pm
Jim Sylvester
the truth hurts odn't it!!! I guess you are in favour of cen soring the press - for you not to be upset with this disclosure is simply astonishing!!!!
LikeReply2Mar 27, 2017 3:29pm
George Tsoporis ·
Kerry Armstrong that's a joke, right?
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 6:42pm
Julie Ali ·
I don't see this as war. It's the truth.
LikeReply6 hrs
George Tsoporis ·
Jim Sylvester Keep up the fight Wildrose guy
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 6:46pm
Kerry Armstrong ·
George Tsoporis Geo can't vote in Alberta right? Now that's a good joke Union fool.
LikeReplyMar 27, 2017 7:07pm
George Tsoporis ·
Kerry Armstrong Still bitter you lost the last election? Perhaps you would prefer a fascist dictatorship and abolish all unions?
LikeReply1Mar 27, 2017 7:13pm
Julie Ali ·
George Tsoporis I don't think we are bitter. I voted for the NDP and I am disappointed in their performance. They are just like the PCs in terms of their poor performance.

I imagine we will vote for the Wildrose and they may also be amateurs at managing government. I don't really understand this because the government workers are all still the same and so we should actually still have competence in performance with real deliverables but this is not the case.

My feeling is that 44 years of PC rule in Alberta has lead to entrenched bureaucrats, entitled executive staff and folks in positions who don't provide us with value. These folks need to be pruned out. Hopefully they will be by the Wildrose or else we will have to find yet another crew to do the massive restructuring of the GOA that is necessary for a change in culture that is long overdue. Secrecy, poor accountability and the waste of cash on dumb projects like the Sky Palace as well as trips abroad for no good reason will have to end. The money tree is pretty bare.
LikeReply30 mins

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