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Edmonton Journal Yesterday at 10:31pm · It got to the point this week where the NDP caucus issued a news release with the needling headline: “Where’s Kenney Hiding?”----------Julie Ali I don't think Mr. Kenney will be against abortion or gay marriage because most politicians are pretty expedient in their positions once they think they are going to become the governing party. How else can we explain the expediency of the NDP who are now the NDPCs? All politicians will do whatever it takes to get to the power place.---

It got to the point this week where the NDP caucus issued a news release with the needling headline: “Where’s Kenney Hiding?”
He’s back. Not that he was really ever away. But for more than two weeks Progressive Conservative leader Jason Kenney was, as far as the...
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John Clark Kenny is a fool; the Prince of Thieves. It was the #Conservatives that ripped off 680 billion dollars from the heritage trust fund, not to mention the outright theft of 7 million from public service pensions.

@Kenny won't talk about the world recessi
on we are in the middle of or edging towards all of which was cased by the Conservative collective. Luxenburg is the only country that is not into defecit financing yet Kenny can stand on the sidelines throwing stones at a government who is trying its best to put a chicken in every pot.

A Conservative Government would have breadlines and licences for the army of beggers that would result.
Kevin Hermer You are funny...
Rose Dillman Haha are you dreaming ? John Clark ?
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Stan Cook John Clark obviously you need this.
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Linda Feland-Swityk You are so correct John Clark!
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Donald Wiwad Stan Cook ; You must have tried this stuff if you are recomending it. rotflacgu
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Stan Cook Wad. Obviously you need it by the case
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Harvey Bishop Donald Wiwad Stan seems no different from those who comment on the Calgary Herald articles.
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Harvey Bishop Rose Dillman The Alberta PCs, after Peter Lougheed left office, were extremely corrupt disasters and virtually depleted Alberta's finances from multitudes of very costly scandals and neglect. That includes virtually depleting the Heritage Savings Trust Fund to practically nothing. Ralph Klein even used it for costly scandals like Alpac/ Mitsubishi and to help pay off the provincial debt and deficit.
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Donald Wiwad Harvey Bishop ; You are right Harvey. My error! I had promised not to respond to posts made by what's his name. But I just could not resist. The Devil made me do it. lol
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J.E. Molnar When it comes to Jason Kenney’s charisma and political gravitas he is the wet, soiled towel voters left at the beach. 

Jason Kenney was strongly against abortion and gay marriage, now doesn’t want to talk about them. He doesn’t want a price on carbon,
 but once suggested a “small sales tax” in Alberta. Kenney’s against deficits, but voted for 7 of them as a Conservative minister under Stephen Harper’s regime. Kenney has been a polarizing and divisive politician both within and outside the party. Be careful what you wish for Alberta.
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Garry Bodnar So, when the going gets tough (due to his own ineptitude), Kenney goes into hiding. Right, got it...because that's such an admirable trait in a "leader."
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Dean Cail Wet soiled towel! Lol at the description
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Alan Macdonald most people are conflicted by abortion. If you think Albertans are pro-abortion, you're wrong.
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Dean Cail Alan Macdonald: the one sure thing I've learned in my adult life is that men really can't predict a woman's stance at all. Interesting that you see fit to speak for all Albertans about a woman's choice. You must be a unique man. Or perhaps mistaken?
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Julie Ali I don't think Mr. Kenney will be against abortion or gay marriage because most politicians are pretty expedient in their positions once they think they are going to become the governing party. How else can we explain the expediency of the NDP who are now the NDPCs? All politicians will do whatever it takes to get to the power place.
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Tina Fox about a jaded opinion piece! Could you try to spin the leftist tale any harder? 
Just raise your hand mr. Thomson and say hi, I'm Graham, and I'm sorry I voted NDP and I'll spin the truth to keep them in power. Admitting your mistake is the first step to recovery
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Harvey Bishop Tina Fox The major mistake was that the Alberta PCs, after Peter Lougheed left office, were extremely corrupt disasters and virtually depleted Alberta's finances from multitudes of very costly scandals and neglect. The voters let them get away with it. Remember: In 2019, vote for the Alberta PCs. Your dictators, your bribe money. Because scandals like the $34.5 billion electricity deregulation disaster, the $26 billion Northwest Upgrader fiasco and Alison Redford's $10 billion tobaccogate lawsuit scheme isn't worse than the Federal Liberals $250 million Adscam.
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Tina Fox That was then. This is now 
Kenney wasn't here then and Wildrose will be leading the way
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Donald Wiwad Tina Fox ; Wildrose could not lead a two car parade!
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Daniel Turcotte Donald Wiwad but why are the Wildrose leading the NDP in latest polls??. That doesn't say much for the NDP. Lol
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Daniel Turcotte Even the PC are leading the NDP in latest polls. Donald Wiwad it's the NDP that couldn't lead a two car parade!!!! Hahaha.
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Glenn Jones Harvey Bishop - you are a funny guy. For the first year the NDP was in power, you talked about 44 years of tory corruption. Then Notley comes out and says she is following Lougheed's policies, and BOOM, your tune changes. If Redford's tobaccogate lawsuit scheme is so bad, why is the government not stopping it? And didn't Rachel have good things to say about the NW upgrader? Thats what she said we needed.
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Julie Ali Tina Fox The Kenney is a poor choice for leader; I think Mr. Jean is a better choice to lead the Wildrose. If the Kenney is the next leader of the Wildrose I won't vote for them. The Kenney was part of Harper's team and that group was anti-democratic in my opinion.
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Julie Ali Donald Wiwad Actually the Wildrose could become the next government. I am just not sure if they want to become the next government. Looking at the mess that is present in government right now it might be wiser for the Wildrose to sit it out for the next term as well until the economy recovers. The debt will be bigger but there you go.
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Devon Smith The NDP should be more concerned about their inept governance than in Jason Kenney's whereabouts. Perhaps if they focussed more on the former than the latter, they wouldn't be sitting at less than 25% support in Alberta polls.
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Julie Ali I'm pretty sure that support is going to be even lower by the time we vote them out in the next election.
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Kristopher C D Sorensen Being a part of a GSA doesn't make you necessarily Gay or Straight. It means you stand with the right to be so. Better hit those phones...
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Louis Tiedemann groups of junior gay-straight activists? and all along I thought they just wanted to be friends and hang out. ¡qué estaba pensando!
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Ian Patton When Kenney loses the next election look for him to hop in that blue pickup and do a runner as quick as his wee feet can push the gas peddle. Kenney is all about Kenney.
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Julie Ali Hopefully Mr. Jean will be leading the Wildrose party or else we're in trouble in Alberta.
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Chuck Keil Imagine that, Thomson actually acknowledges the economic truth

"“The NDP is desperate to talk about anything but the economy.”

There’s definitely truth to that. The NDP is governing in the middle of a recession created by a collapse in the price of oil and has irritated conservatives through a series of policies including the introduction of a carbon levy. It is also running multibillion-dollar deficits every year."
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Julie Ali I doubt that having a Conservative Party in power would have changed the deficit business. But certainly the NDP are wasting a ton of cash on dumb decisions and ignoring problems that they could deal with. I wonder if the right really wants to be in power right now. The NDP are stuck with bad times and poor revenue generation. I don't know why they exacerbated the problem with the green washing carbon tax that doesn't provide us with any sort of climate change leadership. Maybe the cash from the Carbon tax can be used for energy efficient projects but these projects seem problematic if they need public money to become economically feasible. All in all a rather messy situation for the NDP, poor performance for taxpayers and not much can be done about this mess other than to introduce a sales tax. However I don't see citizens putting up with more taxes until cuts are made to the Sunshine List at government and the ABCs (agencies, boards and commissions). We're being sucked dry and the marrow in these bones is almost gone.
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Henry Liebl Low oil prices have put Alberta in a bind for income and job losses due to poor world demand. No political party can do a damb thing about it. The PCs spent like drunken sailers for decades.
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Glenn Jones really? how many years did they budget a $10billion deficit?
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Julie Ali The PCs were bad managers and they were self indulgent/ arrogant folks as well. But the NDP aren't much better. The problem with ordinary citizens in charge of major sums of public dollars is that they mess up. And the biggest place where money is being wasted is in the health department where almost $15 million bucks was handed out for junk bond science--why? Good question. I'm sure Ms. Hoffman can answer this question.

Friends of Medicare calls for investigation of Alberta deputy minister's ties to private health foundation
Health Minister Sarah Hoffman refuses to answer questions about potential conflict of interest
By Charles Rusnell, Jennie Russell, CBC News Posted: Apr 14, 2017 6:00 AM
Julie Ali Glenn Jones They did do the Sky Palace, blow up hospitals for no damn reason and yes, they weren't good with getting royalties from the oil and gas industry. In addition they left us with residues such as the fact that we can't hold the energy regulator accountable by taking the AER to court--for some odd reason the PCs made the energy regulator immune from citizen accountability. Nice group of folks. Ah, yes, let us not forget the Tapcal Fund which adds to their anti-democratic nature. Wonder who paid into this fund. No one also asks about the major environmental mess that has been turned into a historical site of significance -Turner Valley Gas Plan--we got to pay for the remediation of this place for what reason I can't determine.
The Turner Valley Gas Plant is a provincial historic site and the best example of a complete historic gas plant in Canada.
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Peter McClure Of course Kenney's been hiding. Every time he opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it.
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Julie Ali He is actually a very canny man. Don't underestimate him. He's one of Harper's brood.
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Mark Pearson It is like this guys mug is everywhere. Alright Postmedia. We get it already. He is the pick of the corporate press.
J.E. Molnar You're right Mark, Postmedia is all about manufacturing consent for Kenney. Brian Jean has been relegated to a mere punching bag by the majority of Postmedia scribes.
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Julie Ali Brian Jean might still surprise folks. He's popular with families and the Kenney is a parachuted candidate to save us from ourselves. But really we're all grown up and take care of ourselves. My feeling is Mr. Kenney won't be the next premier. Mr. Jean might if the Wildrose really want to be government in the bust that is going to last for a lot longer than any of the busts in the past.
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Larry Collins Moron watch. Look out for this yahoo. He's a leftover of the nineteenth century.
Julie Ali I don't think he is a yahoo. But certainly he is one of the Tory dinosaurs we have left behind.
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Tim Cameron The ndp are concerned about Kenny's whereabouts? I'm 100% certain they have issues that are actually worthy of their time and our tax dollars.
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Harvey Bishop Tim Cameron I'm not affiliated with any political party at all. I'm curious as to why the Alberta PCs, after Peter Lougheed left office, were allowed to waste extremely large amounts of money on multitudes of very costly scandals and neglect and were allowed to get away with it.
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Tim Cameron Harvey Bishop i'm curious about why you choose to look to the past that neither one of us is pleased with, instead of to the present issues we are faced with. On the other hand, we could learn our lessons from the past and hold the current government accountable. What do you think Harvey, are you in or would you prefer to spin away and avoid?
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Julie Ali Harvey Bishop The people were cowed or ignorant and this is why the PCs got away with their junk. The fact is that the people knew that their best survival mechanism was to shut up and let the oil monarchs do their junk. Rarely is it possible for ordinary citizens to upend the elite. In any case we didn't know about the horrors like the over 700 kids dead in the child welfare system because of the Tory spin and secrecy. Now we do know. And even with the NDP it's the same old junk. #GOASPIN#GOASecrecy
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Julie Ali Tim Cameron I think it is important to look at the past or it will repeat with the Kenney guy who's bad news in my mind.
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Glenn Jones By all the comments by the NDP sycophants, it looks like they are a little nervous. Poor babies.
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Julie Ali The NDP aren't nervous. They are the new PCs and so they will continue on as they are until they are fired. But of course this is how it is with the politicians of every political party. They don't expect the worms to turn on them ---until they do.
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Kenny Littlechild He was in the closet.
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Kendyl Hudson He's like a bad pimple, keeps coming back!
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Sean Pollon I just hope it's not permanent like herpes!
Julie Ali He is a bright man and unlike a pimple he may be permanent.
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Ron Carle I find the headline rather tautological. All whales surface for air, even Great White Land Whales.
John Moors NDP trolls gotta love em.
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Tim Cameron The trolls house is on fire and they're looking for distractions, and someone to hate on/blame. Attain perfection first, left leaners, then feel free to go looking for with whom you'd like to share your wisdom.
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John Moors 2019 can't come soon enough.
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Harvey Bishop John Moors I don't belong to any political party at all. I do know how good the Alberta PCs were, after Peter Lougheed left office were at virtually depleting Alberta's finances from multitudes of very costly scandals and neglect. Remember: In 2019, vo...See More
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Harvey Bishop Tim Cameron I'm a centrist leaning person. The Alberta PCs, after Peter Lougheed left office, were good at blabbering about fiscal restraint, while doing the exact opposite.
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Sean Pollon Ol' Randy was busy selling his body for cheeseburgers with Mr Lahey again. 

Man's gotta eat.
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Wesley Huseby Jason is far better than anything the NDP has to offer
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Julie Ali Actually he is not. Mr. Jean is better than the Kenney and I don't understand why folks don't see this.
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