Wednesday, April 12, 2017

cone of silence

A Toronto lawyer is donating $2,000 to a Sask. nurse who complained about a nursing home. Here’s why. #health
Amani Oakley says she is dumbfounded that Carolyn Strom must pay $26,000 after being censured by her regulator for speaking out about her...
Julie Ali This is the reason we don't have professionals pointing out problems in the workplace or in the community-you get pushback from the professional organization or the employer. Far safer to simply stay silent. This is why the Protection for Persons in Care legislation in my opinion is useless in such cases. No protections for advocates, or professionals complaining about problems in say the continuing care facility. What is needed is for families to keep speaking but because of retribution such as eviction, banning and lawsuits they are pretty much too afraid to speak of issues raised by this nurse. The cone of silence is everywhere in Alberta and seemingly everywhere else in Canada.
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