Wednesday, April 19, 2017

and when I open it

outside the sun is blotting out the darkness
with a tissue of light
and the geese are hunting
for what is present
the silver moon
has put away
its solitary earring

and the stars are dust in the road of night
I watch the geraniums for new beginnings
the taxes writhe in their nest of receipts
I wish I could do this business like a superstar
but instead
I write out the numbers over and over 
and make fresh mistakes

outside the trees are forgiving the snow
for the ice about their feet
the donkeys of clouds are kicking up their heels
and the mist of wet is dripping from every rooftop
the burnishing hands of the sun are rubbing gently
with the fluffy hands of the reeds    
and between the willows    the grasses turn over in their grave of water

all along the path of the forest
the chickadees are beginning their final lessons
and the crows are marking the boundaries of their territory
I can't say what the birch trees are doing
the bandages of their bark unravels
and the stumps of the aspens leak sap
the temper of the weeds begins

a harness of moss will soon be flung over
the logs that once rode the vicinity
the berries will puddle below      and the silver stars
of dandelions will chorus with the purple thistles
a vine will climb the heady towers of the bushes
and the blue eyes of the wild clematis will stare at me
when I finally go to make my visit 

the wild brood is hatching
and the clack and clunk of the branches are rubbing
their chains    to free themselves
into new growth      a blue door is somewhere in the forest
and when I open it      I will believe
that the past was simply a path to this new beginning
the world is aching for spring    ah how the truth stings

ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

Armen Gasparian

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