Thursday, April 27, 2017

and I lifted up the bell of the moon / to sound out the stars

and I put down a word
in the hole inside of me 
so that it would grow

the seed came up
with two leaves
of sound

then I waited
for the next procession
of green

but the silence
came then
I watered the stalk of the song

and I waited for years
one day the sapling formed
and the garden had a song

I watched the sun for courage
and I lifted up the bell of the moon
to sound out the stars

and out of the darkness
the singing could be heard
faintly    like the murmurs and whispers

of a far off sea
I waited for the sea to travel to me
and I worked at the lines like a stone mason

chipping at the rock
writing out the letters
and the simple thoughts into poems

I walked the streets and travelled
in the forest    seeking what I did not find
and the grasses clapped their hands to the wind's roar

I left the path
and I came home to the hole
in my heart    and I planted the seed there

I asked for courage
that was given to me   and I kept going
one day I looked up from my work

and a forest stood
where there had once been a desert
I put down the work   and I walked 

into the towering infinity of the language
I heard the singing then    this singing
and I told myself    a forest can grow 

out of nothingness
and a land can be capped
by the singing inside of me

I made a forest
so that I can learn
the way out 

of silence
and into the new place
the far country where I am now

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Scattered and Small

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