Saturday, April 22, 2017

almost done taxes!!!!!!

I am in the last part of my taxes. It feels good to be almost done. I am taking a break so that I am able to enjoy this end of the trauma business.
Once I have done all the tax returns I have to find a big envelope to put them in. I might have to go to my parents' house for the envelope as I only have small ones.
Outside it is mucky and dull. The buttons of the geese have fallen off the sky and are on the ground. There is a still muffler of branches about the house. The only vivid scene is the one made by my geraniums that are plugging away at firing red and pink bulletins to the world.
The taxes were very depressing to do as I got to see the amount of cash we give to the useless government at all levels.
Sometimes I feel we would be better off simply sacking the entire government and starting over. Maybe this is why Mr. Trump got hired in the USA. Ordinary citizens were sick of the folks milking the system so they hired a business man to build his brand and earn more money for his family. If you can't beat them, join them sort of thing.
Once the taxes are done I will think about Rebecca. No one can come today for the birthday so it has been moved to Sunday. I will buy milk and potatoes for the parents (red) as dad has already phoned that they are out.
I might also look for a birthday gift for Rebecca. I will see if there are any new teddy bears that she hasn't yet got.
Well I better go back to the shell of the work. If I don't hustle it will take me all day.
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