Saturday, April 22, 2017

After the visit--the taxes have been given to the government of Canada!

Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
4 mins
After dropping Rebecca for her meal at the Villa Marguerite I went to my parents' place and gave the milk and the bag of potatoes. For some reason there is always an item that is forgotten when groceries are brought and since I was at Sobeys with Rebecca picking up the birthday cake we got the missing items.
After dropping off the milk and the potatoes I went to the pink building. It was very busy downtown and I had to ask a security person where the blue boxes for income taxes were and then I had to walk around scouting for the boxes. I did not want to do this when it's a weekday so I did it today.
Tomorrow is busy because Rebecca wants her birthday gift and so we will probably be stuck in a store looking at fluffy things (Teddy Bears). If she doesn't get a Teddy Bear she will get something like art supplies. It's very boring shopping and looking at flufflies is the most boring thing of all the boring things but one must suffer so she gets that present.
Once the shopping is done I will park Rebecca in front of the movie while I pick up mum. I can't put two folks with strollers in my Helva so I have to make two trips. Dad will come as well. Once I have transported various ancient ones into the Helva, put their mobility devices in the back and got everyone seated/ belted I have to bring them to my place and take hours unseating them and seating them inside the house. The ancient ones are like slow moving children peddling their bikes.
Once everyone is in the house, have found a place to seat and greeted Rebecca as if she had been missing and is now found (the parents usually can't make it to the Villa) we will sing the birthday song and yap. It's no use asking me to make food as my food sucks. I will serve cake.
Most birthdays are very dull at my house as I have only cake and tea.
Once everyone has eaten cake, made sure Rebecca is intact and lively we will yap and I will have my nap. It's best to have a nap after birthday cake. When the movie is done I will take my sister back to the Villa. Then come back and take the parents back to their place. If I had a truck I could take everyone in one trip but the Helva is very minor compared to the baby minivan and I will not use the minivan as the back side door handle broke off and I can only use the minivan for carrying my garden plants and junk.
Where was I in this post? I just had a yucky package pasta and that was it. I forgot to take the books back to the library. Better put this on my list with the lawsuit stuff to do next week.
Older boy phoned with sad news. He has broken off with his girlfriend who is moving away to do her education.It's very sad. I am not sure how many girlfriends older boy has had for despite my nosy questions I haven't been given any information. Both the boys are reticent as they do not want to become blog or FB characters in a story that never ends.
If I were a vegetable now I would be an onion.


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