Sunday, April 23, 2017

after the late birthday party

Julie Ali feeling sleepy.
Just now
I shovelled the parents' place. It was heavy snow.
Rebecca got her presents and everyone sang the birthday song. We took pictures but I can't upload them here as I don't have them.
The parents are still trucking. The birthday presents were given to the Villa staff to label. I kissed Rebecca at the meal place and told her about the yearly conference on Tuesday and that she should stimulate her brain with more art work.
She finished her painting today and it is now in three different sections. It is pleasing and now she will do another art piece.
I figure if she does an art piece every weekend it might regenerate fried parts of her brain.
In any case, it will improve the quality of her life.
The snow is packed in bricks everywhere and it feels as if we are returning to the past of winter.
The wolf of winter is huffing and puffing. It is tiresome.
I haven't had a piece of the birthday cake which was (of course) too big but I have left the cake in the fridge just in case we want to eat it later.
I am not a big fan of birthday cakes and everyone else is a diabetic. I wonder if my brother and his family would like it? I will keep it for them.
The writing room remains messy. I have at least done the few batches of laundry and gone through some of the medical file for Tuesday's meeting. I will write up a summary of questions since I don't have a great deal of time and I already know the doctor won't be there.
Usually at the end of the day it's best to think about simple things like poems.

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