Tuesday, April 25, 2017

after the care conference meeting

After the yearly conference with my brain fried, I had a nap. It's very calm now and I feel we got a lot of stuff done at the meeting which went into overtime. I am glad we are caught up if only for a few minutes. There is a new mask being tried out on Rebecca. I have to digest what we yapped about and go over it for later but for now we had a long meeting with staff and it was productive.
Soon older boy will be home. From the silent lips of younger boy we determined that NAIT (first year) is complete. We asked about jobs but he said he wants to do stuff at home. This isn't a job but I guess it is what I do all the time so I don't have any argument against this plan.
The preparation of the second year course time table is soon to be done but not today. Since my brain feels like a harvested crop all I can do is recite what I have done today which isn't much.
Bills are still not paid. I will think of it tomorrow. Dad has had no time to make the shrimp curry for older boy. The shrimp are defrosting in the fridge. I have to get 5 zucchini for him stat in the morning so that he can add it to the shrimp. I hope to do this in the morning.
I haven't had a moment to do the lawsuit work. It will have to wait while I visit with older boy who is coming home late.
Maybe I should go have another nap. It feels like my head is a basket full of eggs.
Or maybe fish. If I keep writing maybe I will wake up.

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