Thursday, April 27, 2017

a failure of government but never a failure of Alison Azer

Because I see Alison Azer's brave posts as a sign of the failures of the Team Trudeau and the failures of the Team Harper before the Team Trudeau, I have written about these failures but nothing gets done.
The reason nothing gets done is because Alison Azer isn't powerful. She is an ordinary citizen. She has no big lobby group behind her. She can't get the bigwigs to listen to her.
It's a sad situation. Her children aren't with her for the plain and simple reason that the Team Harper folks did nothing about the abduction of the kids. It's my feeling now that government does nothing to help folks until there is media involved. I don't see why media has to be involved to get government folks to do their jobs but there you go. It's the way it is.
Even with the media attention the Team Harper folks did nothing. The Team Trudeau folks did nothing I can see. And so Alison Azer is stuck with a tragedy.
Why can't her husband do the right thing? Why can't he be a good man and see the harm he has done? Why doesn't he let the children come home to Canada where they were born and where they belong? Canada is far safer than the place where the kids are now.
I understand nothing about this mess except that the heart of one special woman is broken. It's very sad. But Alison Azer never gives up and encourages all. She tells us to love our lives and be strong. I only hope one day that her husband will have a change of heart--for this is what is required and let the children come back to Canada.
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