Saturday, April 22, 2017

2016 tax returns are done!!!

The horror of income tax returns is now over. I have sealed the tomb of the returns in a large envelope that i will drop off outside the pink federal building today. I don't want to look at another form for another year.
The horror of taxes is only exceeded when I get the corrected tax returns back from government. Every year there is a calculation error or a deduction I took that I was not supposed to take or a deduction I forgot about.
Hell must be Revenue Canada when they get tax returns flubbed and wrong.
In any case, they are done. If they want to correct stuff -sure go ahead. It's not as if I have experience as a tax filing person--I am just stuck doing everyone's taxes.
Usually no one understands the messes I encounter in taxes because I have been sloppy all year. This year I will put all the information into a binder and not into the shopping bag. This year I had to ask folks for the information I could not find in the shopping bag.
After the taxes are handed over to the box at the pink building I will go pick up Rebecca for a trip to buy her birthday gift which is still not bought. it's amazing how time drips out of this hourglass.
Life is so much easier when you don't have the spectre of tax returns to do every day. This final week in April, all I have to work on is the yearly conference for Rebecca on Tuesday, full medical examination of dad with Dr. Krysa, the mess in my house, older boy arriving next week, paying bills (I think I still owe Dr. Kurji about $5 for months now) and other important stuff like getting my mother out of the house for some exercise.
But the taxes are done!!!! The flying fish of lost papers are now to be taken down and put away in a plastic tub for yet another year.

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