Saturday, March 25, 2017

waking up is hard to do with carbon dioxide narcosis

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Just now
I just talked to Sue and Rebecca woke up. This is good news. She still is sleepy, has the jerkiness that is typical of carbon dioxide narcosis and is a fall risk so Sue will stay with her until she finishes supper and put her back on the BIPAP.
Usually when you have someone who is sick you don't know when you will be on call. It is the weekend so Sue can take over for a bit and then I will check on Rebecca tomorrow.
Usually if Rebecca has a build up of carbon dioxide and low oxygen we know by the unrousable state she falls into. Sometimes the BIPAP machine can't get her out of this state and they intubate her. We want to avoid this as I am not sure if they will resuscitate her; it is best to avoid any emergency now as she may be at risk. Our family has been so traumatized by the do not resuscitate business from 2010 to 2014 with further goals of care changes at the Grey Nuns Hospital in 2015 that any mention of a trip to emergency is enough to get us all nervous.
Right now Sue will stay with her until she feels she is OK. Then she will come over for supper with us. In times like this, family is important.

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We try to keep Rebecca out of the emergency and hospitals now. It's because of the DNR business. I've read over and over again in the medical notes of how they tried to put the DNR, do not intubate, no ICU, R3 goals of care (no intubation) on her file and even when they made her R1 they still asked for reconsideration of this status!
All us are traumatized by the years of such attempts of premature termination. So we try very hard never to let her build up carbon dioxide to the point where the EMS folks are called.
Once you understand that now is all you have you are pretty conscientious to try to keep that small bit of now.
Julie Ali  is  feeling blessed. Just now  ·  I just talked to Sue and Rebecca woke up. This is good ne...

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