Saturday, March 11, 2017

these dreams of strangers

I put the words down
as they are given
and the song that comes
out of the silence
is mysterious

how do the words know
the places they are to go to?
and how does the line serpentine
to the very limit of existence?
these things are given

and I am here to recite
the beginnings
before they end in silence again
I put the words I encounter
like strangers into the rooms

of poems
these dreams of what is new
I can't feel them 
until they are here
the singing in the shadows

comes like dreams
and when the strangers arrive
I recognise them
as I have recognised everyone else
these beautiful souls that are contained

in those I am to love
and the poems are like them
here is one I have constructed
out of nothingness
and where will this poem travel to?

I put the poem in this room
and I watch the dream dissolve before me
I hear a new stranger knocking at the door
of consciousness   and I have to leave the one I have made
each poem comes and then leaves

I wish I could contain them
but like those I love
I open my hands and let them go free
they will do what they must
and they will return to me

as dreams and the singing
that continues
I don't have to wait in loneliness 
they come to me in battalions
these dreams of strangers
ZAZ - "Si jamais j'oublie" [Official Video]

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