Wednesday, March 29, 2017

there will be wings given

I trusted in myself
and I began
to seek
what I could
in the darkness all about me

oh the years that passed
have left their marks on me
but the silence ended
and the voice came out of the darkness
of course

this did not happen quickly
there was pain in all this
all the sounds     that came were hard
to speak       there were tears
in everything     and even now

when I write the stories
there is heartbreak
I watch the stars in the sky
and I tell myself
one day I will fly away

but you can't evade
the hard matters of this life
it's all about facing troubles
and grief       you take your words
and you begin the story every day

one day the door will be here
as it has for so many I have loved
the door will open      and you will go through
and what lies on the other side?
I tell you I will fly

there will be wings given
because I tried
I never quit  I got off the floor every time
I made myself my own
angel wings
Rodney Crowell - "It Ain't Over Yet (feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White)" [Official Video]

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