Friday, March 31, 2017

spring news

Julie Ali feeling fabulous.
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The sun is rebooting the world right now. Two geese have zipped by. The fussy leaves of the trees are going to be teething all about soon enough. We will have summer leaping over the fence of spring. Two more geese just flew by in the opposite direction (maybe it is the first two geese doing a turnaround realizing they are going in the wrong direction?)
Next week is Questioning so I will be focused on that work.
I will phone Rebecca to see how she is. Then maybe drop by with her bananas and Triscuits. She likes a salty treat.
The ton of information that is bricked about me in a wall makes me feel very Rapuzel like. Soon I will have to lay down my long hair for the Good Samaritan Society lawyers to climb up these plaits. It's going to be very interesting for me as I will be able to learn a lot about the court system.
Right now I am going to bask like a small lizard in the amazing light It's gorgeous folks. Do like the man walking down the street and go for a walk.

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