Saturday, March 4, 2017


Julie Ali
 feeling sleepy.
Just now
Snow has slipped out of the gate and is walking down the street. I am interested in the walk she is making. Where before it was empty lane and dust -now snow swirls in skirts of white dancing everywhere.
The walks will have to be unclenched from the grip of the manacles of ice that are now present.
I will try to do the walks today as I will be bringing Rebecca home tomorrow.
The small gap we had of warmth and light was invigorating and because of this I can now endure the dipping of our small strings into the waxy snow to make us again small stacks of ice.
I have spent part of the morning going through the medical file. It's very hard right now for me to submerge myself into that lake and so I am taking a few minutes to doodle here.
Younger boy is in bed delaying the inevitable facing of the light.
 The quiet is astonishing. I love the silence in the room.
I can live and eat silence.
The stars I have put all over my writing room are very encouraging. Stars endure. The best way to go through life is by not quitting at anything. Sure there may be some dead ends that you can't go through but for the most part persistence, tenacity and determination are all you need to survive most of life's ordinary mishaps, accidents and troubles.
The snow has laid a very calming blanket over the world.
Nothing stirs. The tree outside my writing room window is awe struck.
Spuds of snow fill the bucket of the park.
Little lace fringes are being crocheted on the roofs.
I will go make another cup of tea and get back to work.

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