Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rebecca--Home Visit Sunday February 5, 2017

Julie Ali
 feeling happy.
Just now
Rebecca is home. In the yellow frame of mind now as she does art. Last Friday it was all reds.
I just had my nap. After doing the snow it was inevitable that I would lie on the bed like a limp rag.
Snow is still sneaking around trying to cover up its crimes in the neighbourhood.
Inside it is toasty.
Younger boy is finally up. I will have to apply levers to get him moving to apply for yet more summer jobs. Really motherhood is all about getting a child from A to B when the child would rather stay at before A.
I am now in the Grey Nuns Hospital Emergency yet again. Nothing changes in this story except the hospital.
It is taking me forever to get through the medical file. Then there are other files. I begin to feel like a computer hard drive.
As for my poor plants I believe they are again desiccating as I haven't bothered to water again.
Soon I will take Rebecca back. We will go like a boat in the sea of snow. We will land at the Villa Marguerite. We will set out our souls in our own places and hope for the sails of life to be gentle with them. And like all sisters we will tell each other this is how life is. From port to port we travel and who knows where we will land? Show who you are. Who you really are. Become warriors.
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